Top North Kingstown Real Estate Agent That Sells Homes Successfully

Top North Kingstown Real Estate Agent That Sells Homes Successfully


You Need to Ask What Your North Kingstown RI Real Estate Agent Does for YOU

Living in an amazing RI coastal real estate town and successfully selling homes for North Kingstown homeowners for top prices is my goal.  Top selling North Kingstown real estate agents need to not just ‘list a home on MLS’ or put it in the newspaper!  90% of home buyers and 98% of Millenial buyers find their homes online.  Honestly, none of my home buyers ever come from newspaper promotions of properties!


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A RI real estate agent who sells successfully for their home sellers markets consistently on top web sites, blogs, has a ranking real estate web site, is active on Social Media for their clients (Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Yelp, etc.), includes professional photography, virtual tours, slide shows, post cards to buyers on all properties, Brokers’ tours, open houses, etc..  It is not a one time posting job!  As a top selling North Kingstown real estate agent I am ever present in the online world for my clients.  It is the biggest additive to my real estate treasure chest of how to sell my clients home.  There is no rest for the successful agents if they are truly working for their clients.


My North Kingstown real estate business is successful because I do all these things and more.  My list price to sales price for my clients properties in the past year is 98% which is higher than any other North Kingstown listing agent.  Do I have a secret sauce for this process?  You bet I do but I also know my RI real estate business well.  It is not how many listings you have but how you successfully sell the homes at the highest price for your clients.


Yet it is not enough to sell and list properties well..oh, no!  A responsible North Kingstown real estate agent must be the showcasing agent that knows the information when the home buyer inquires about the home.  My personal touch is what sets me apart from other North Kingstown real estate agents.  I am ever present for my clients, reachable by cell phone 7 days a week, give extraordinary feedback and communication to them, and respond with needed solutions when in vendor need.


This is the time to reach out to me, Ginny Gorman, the North Kingstown real estate agent by email at or call me at 401.529.7849.  Let us discuss listing your North Kingstown house for sale, developing a solid marketing plan and getting it show ready to sell.
Top North Kingstown Real Estate Agent That Sells Homes Successfully


 Working with a successful luxury North Kingstown RI real estate agent will give you the expertise, local knowledge and strongest negotiation skills at your finger tips.  Waterfront, oceanfront, luxury and coastal Rhode Island estate are my specialty but all of RI is my backyard.
  When you are in need of a real estate professional and specialist for your buying, selling or relocating needs and an internet savvy ​real estate agent who ​successfully ​sells RI houses in this real estate market, call Ginny Gorman.