This Old House in Rhode Island- Renovation Destination

This Old House in Rhode Island- Renovation Destination


Exciting news for Rhode Island as the PBS series ‘This Old House heads to Barrington RI to renovate their first

Barrington RI PBS house renovation- This Old House

This Old House Project- Barrington RI


RI home for the PBS series which premieres on January 28, 2012 at 4 p.m.on your local channels.  Certainly we have the historic homes and waterfront homes that always ‘fit the bill’ to make this series but RI just never made the list of must re-do homes as the series tended to stay within Massachusetts.


This waterfront Barrington RI home was recently bought by a Chicago couple and the 1500+ square foot home is very outdated, needs more bathrooms and needs to be enlarged to accommodate the new owners.  An addition is planned as well as a second floor to take true advantage of the stunning waterfront RI real estate.


This 1925 waterfront bungalow on Narragansett Bay has a great location, it is just 10 minutes from Providence RI

Narragansett Bay - RI real estate

Narragansett Bay has the RI real estate to Enjoy

and a true renovation destination.  What a great 10 part series to enjoy and learn from.  As a waterfront RI Real Estate Agent, I just love to soak up all this information.  Since I have renovated a number of old houses in the past, I want to learn what is the newest and greatest being done properly by contractors.  Another important point that should be in a real estate agents toolbox- staying abreast of local trends, green energy savings and better ways to make renovations in a home that are cost effective.


This home is not only in a RI flood zone but also in what insurance companies consider a ‘wind zone’.  All the home improvements will be done to sustain this home in case of big storms as well as against the harshness of the salt water.  We can all learn from this series for all of our coastal RI homes!  I am really excited about this PBS series!


So do not forget to get a taste of Rhode Island in this series and find out why I love the waterfront RI real estate scene so much.  We are blessed with the waterfront, ocean front and coastal ocean as well as Narragansett Bay areas which are pristine and great places to live.  Consider relocating?  Give me a call at 401.529.7849 to find an old house or newer RI home.

And do not forget to see This Old House in Rhode Island – Renovation Destination.


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