This is NO Baseball Home Run Stretch

This is NO Baseball Home Run Stretch

The economic powers that be a/k/a Dr. Leonard Lardaro of University of Rhode Island has looked at the 12 This is NO Baseball Home Run Stretchrecent economic indicators in RI and it appears this is no baseball home run stretch coming at us.  This is important for all in RI real estate to understand.

He’s named his top 12 indicators as the ‘Current Condition Index’.  Len was on the morning news program talking optimistically about how his benchmarked indicators are over the 50% mark in improvement right now.

Well for the state that is a good sign but it’s not the baseball home run stretch yet.  We had the great Flood of 2010 that set the state back a few months economically, foreclosures continue …and in unemployment the state still reigns in the top ten in the nation.  However, he is saying that if the present trend continues we are in an economically improving environment.  Now I’ve enjoyed my conversations one on one with Len in the past and he is always right on the money on what is happening in the state.  He knows and tracks the economic viability of this state – no sugar coating here.

Now he says that retail sales are up which is surprising since the Warwick Mall has not re-opened since the great flood of 2010.  Also, another telling indicator was home starts and last year at this time there were 32 in the state(for July 2009) and this year there are 100 (July 2010) new construction starts (still very low but up).  And manufacturing wages were showing improvement which was another telling sign he stated.

We are a mainly service economy in this state he says and we’re currently faltering on this measure and we no baseball home run stretch but we all hope your indicators are right on the money.

This is NO Baseball Home Run Stretch

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