There are Houses and then there are Houses – Paul Schurman Builder Extraordinaire- South Kingstown RI

There are Houses and then there are Houses – Paul Schurman Builder Extraordinaire- South Kingstown RI


and it is fortunate that in South Kingstown RI I have the good fortune to know one of these builders of homes whose company creates these high end houses for over thirty years, builder extraordinaire Paul Schurman.  George Moore once said that “A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it” and from talking with Paul Schurman’s clients that is their take on the homes he builds for them.  It’s the quality and personal attention of his fine work that draws clients to him and his building team. 

Now it takes a village to build a quality home and Paul has the fine craftsmen and sub-contractors that put it all together with him.  Many of the subs have worked with Paul Schurman’s company for many years through renovations, re-builts and new construction in South County Rhode Island.  Depending on the consistent excellence of craftmanship, these stunningly built homes are what draws clients to him.  He has always been a custom home builder and enjoys a wonderful reputation in his field.  He actively supports the arts in South County, being past president of Courthouse Center for the Arts, as well as active in the local Land Trust in South County.  All this plays into his well rounded persona to integrate a building with its surrounding environment….that’s what his business, P. Schurman Contractors Inc. , does so well.

I am always mesmerized when I go into his houses being built and the artistry that goes into them.  From the front entrances to the staircases and unique inlaid floors to the turrets and living spaces it’s like being in Cinderella’s palace alot of the time- well at least to me it is.  Paul Schurman is one of the only builders I know that is Always of pleasant disposition and demeanor – no matter what is going on around him.  It endears him to all that work with him and is why he coaxes so much out of everyone to get the job done.  Paul has been a life long friend and is always a help to me in this real estate business.  It is great to have a builder to turn to when you have a problem with a home you’re selling and you can get the right answers and solutions.

When other builders aren’t busy, his business is and that is important because he supports his own little community of other businesses whether it’s suppliers, subs and crew.  Right now he tells me he has a couple of houses being built in various stages of development.  He’s on the run again and excuses himself to talk with a client.  There just is something about a newly built home that he builds….there are houses and then there are houses – Paul Schurman, builder extraordinaire in South Kingstown, RI.
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