So Ethics are different in RI Real Estate ?

So Ethics are different in RI Real Estate ?


So how is it that our Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice are different in RI Real Estate then in the rest of the country? 

It has to do with Article 16-4 Duties to Realtors which I had a refresher on the other day in my continuing education real estate course.  RI Real Estate practices don’t follow the NAR rules.

It has to do with a current listing and finding out the expiration date of that listing with according to the Standard of Practice 16-4 says ” ..if the listing broker, when asked by the Realtor, refuses to disclose the expiration date and nature of such listing, i.e., and exclusive right to sell,…or other form of contractual agreement between the listing broker and the client, the Realtor may contact the owner to secure such information and may discuss the terms upon which the Realtor might take a future listing or, alternatively, may take a listing to become effective upon expiration of any existing exclusive listing.

Now in RI we are not allowed to contact the other broker’s client to ‘discover’ the expiration date of the contractual listing agreement.

It would be a violation of our Code of Ethics.  I truthfully did not remember that we were different than the rest of the country.  So what do you think…is this a fair way to operate when the rest (I wonder who else does it the RI way?!) of the country does it based upon NAR’s Code? Or do they?  So Ethics are different in RI Real Estate ?


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