Silver Leaf Forestry – RI Tree & Arborist Services – South Kingstown RI

Silver Leaf Forestry – RI Tree & Arborist Services – South Kingstown RI

Silver Leaf Forestry is a home town and local

Silver Leaf Forestry - Arborist & Tree Services

Silver Leaf Forestry – Arborist & Tree Services

RI tree and arborist service business located in South Kingstown RI (phone – 401.529.8558) and services all surrounding RI communities (from Westerly to East Greenwich RI and Newport/Portsmouth RI).  So tell me do you know what an arborist is?  I asked 4 people and everyone looked at me with blank stares…it’s someone who is licensed and certified (CA-certified arborist) to take care of trees in all forms.  Not only the pruning, treating, planting, cabling, pest management, and removal of trees but also this profession works hard at keeping them healthy.

You would not expect to see a 6’5″ young man doing a job like this but John Gorman, the owner of Silver Leaf Forestry, has worked in the profession since a freshman in college because he loves the outdoors.  As he says that’s why it took him 5 years to get his college degree- too much time in the trees and doing tree work!

Like a monkey with harnesses on, we watched him go up and take down as well as dismember an unhealthy 60 foot tree this day.  It is a dangerous business and care and attention to the job at hand is paramount…that is why using a company like Silver Leaf Forestry which is licensed, bonded and insured is necessary. Dana Phillips, broker of Phillips Post Road Realty, said to me “John does great work and he handles the customers I refer to him with amaing finesse.”

There have been a number of local stories about supposed ‘tree men’ cutting trees down with no insurance, getting stuck under the trees and crushing part of houses with their inept skill level…make sure who you hire is licensed and insured at all times.

/>We’ve been fortunate in my real estate office to use Silver Leaf Forestry for our clients needs…another trusted and appreciated local RI business owner who delivers great service and does a complete timely job.  I’ve even had clients call me back to thank me for the referral they were so satisfied…well why me?  Well he happens to be my son.  And I could not be prouder to see how he has developed his business and services his customers.  To be honest, unless he delivered superior service and satisfaction to his customers, he’d never make my blog!  Well while the tree guys hope for a great Northeast hurricane this year, the rest of us breathe easier with our upright trees in our yards right now.  So remember Silver Leaf Forestry – RI Tree & Arborist Services in South Kingstown, RI for all your tree and shrubbery needs.

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