Short Sales Inventory – South Kingstown RI

Short Sales Inventory – South Kingstown RI


The number of South Kingstown short sales has increased over the last few months.  Some of the short sales have been on the list in 2012.

South Kingstown RI Short Sales - Real Estate

Short Sale Choices in South Kingstown

As I have shared before in short sale posts, a South Kingstown short sale truly begins when an offer on a home for sale is received at less than the mortgage owed on the home and then presented by the seller’s listing agent to the lender.


Ensure, as a homeowner, you work with a Real Estate Agent with short sale experience and is successful in the process results for their clients.  Work with a RI real estate leader who serves clients the right way and fairly.


The South Kingstown homes for sale have increased to 217  homes on the market.  Of those homes, 17 of them are listed as short sales.  If you have the time to wait for a short sale home closing and want a fair deal on a home, there are good choices in the South Kingstown short sale arena, as follows:


415 Curtis Corner Rd. , Colonial, 3 bedrooms, 1095 sq.ft., $ 159,000.

34 Fagan Court, Cottage, 2 bedrooms, 845 sq. ft., $ 165,000.

1035 Mooresfield Rd., Ranch, 2 bedrooms, 1080 sq. ft., $ 169,000.

249 Holly Road, Ranch, 2 bedrooms, 936 sq. ft. $ 175,000.

1298 Kingstown Road, Colonial, 4 bedrooms, 2152 sq. ft. $ 199,900.

17 Liberty Street, Ranch, 4 bedrooms, 1530 sq. ft., $209,900.

272 Middlebridge Road, Cottage, 4 bedrooms, 979 sq. ft., $ 216,000.

10 Tripond Court, Colonial, 3 bedrooms, 1534 sq. ft., $ 219,500.

130 Macarthur Blvd., Raised ranch, 3 bedrooms, 1138 sq. ft., $ 224,900.

1081 Liberty Lane, Colonial, 3 bedrooms, 1814 sq.ft., $ 229,000.

45 Redfeather Trail S., Cape cod, 3 bedrooms, 1688 sq. ft., $ 249,000.

1 Erin Drive, Raised ranch, 3 bedrooms, 1276 sq. ft., $ 279,900.

71 Spencer Court, Cape cod, 3 bedrooms, 1613 sq. ft., $305,000.

680 Moonstone Beach Rd., Cape cod, 3 bedrooms, 1521 sq. ft., $ 330,000.

53 Glen Rock Rd., Other, 3 bedrooms, 2700 sq. ft., $345,000.

10 Fox Court, Colonial, 4 bedrooms, 2133 sq. ft., $ 349,000.

59 Birchwood Drive, Colonial, 3 bedrooms, 2300 sq.ft., $ 380,000.


The South Kingstown short sale homes for sale are a wide array of types of homes and price ranges.


If you are interested in buying a short sale, please reach out to me for guidance in this process.  As North Kingstown short sale agents our team has the short sale experience and a legal staff to negotiate and close short sales successfully for sellers.  Do not wait, call me today for a confidential discussion if you are in need of assistance at 401.529.7849.  Whether you are a buyer or a seller, my expertise in the short sale process will help you.

Short Sales Inventory – South Kingstown RI.


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