Second time around is the charm!


Second time around is the charm

Can you believe it and I didn’t say Yes…no, i said you will have the house if my seller says

Buyer and seller wed

you have the highest and best offer and the seller likes the terms.  Yes, again another multiple bid situation on a great home in North Kingstown, RI 02852. Now this is not the first buyers or the first multiple bid situation on this home….the last buyers had issues that could not get resolved due to selling their home to buy this home.  So my sellers moved on, it is a pick me up and dust myself off instance.  Until you make it through the inspections, appraisal and bank commitment that house closing day remains out there as your goal.


It still remains a buyer’s market in North Kingstown RI real estate and other South County towns there is no doubt.  Yet, that does not mean that the buyers are all credible in their buying power from the calls we have been receiving and I do have to put that burden on the shoulders of their buyer’s agent.  What is it about having a buyer pre- screened and pre-qualified that still remains so hard for some real estate agents?  Obviously, the buyer’s agent is not sufficiently doing their agency duty to be honest with the buyers.  You should not take buyers out without knowing what they can afford because it just is bad business.  It is not fair to the agent and not fair to the buyers.  Everyone wants, needs and desires to know what they can afford for a home.


It is amazing the number of buyers’ calls I have received lately on this listing and a couple other North Kingstown homes for sale where the buyers had no idea what they could afford but assured me they could buy the house but wouldn’t sit down with me about it.  Not happening, not showing the house to you.  You are disrespecting my sellers and me by not being ready, willing and able to buy.  It is sad to think buyers will be so stubborn – it is a painless process to go through.  My business time and my sellers time is more valuable than what you seem to think.  So unfortunately, these lost in space buyers miss out on the golden opportunities in homes right now.  I will be happy to guide any buyer to lenders that will help them understand their buying ability.


But these home buyers know what others do not.  They took the time to know what they can afford by sitting with a loan officer and then decided how much of a mortgage payment they wanted every month.  Then these buyers determined the town, North Kingstown, they wanted to raise their family in and lastly they called me by going on line to find a North Kingstown Real Estate Agent.  They said they knew we would work well together from my weblogs they read.  It is a wonderful think this on line world of real estate . So somewhat like a  marriage the second time can be a charm…if the buyer and seller are a good match…time and sorting out makes this real estate world go round.

Second time around is the charm!


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