Oysters and Real Estate Share Common Ground

Oysters and Real Estate Share Common Ground


What can I say but that the best and sweetest oysters are ‘grown’ in the waters of Rhode Island.  They are part of our shellfishing

RI Oysters and RI Real Estate

Sweet tasting RI Oysters

industry which is a growing and budding local industry here.  It supports many people, the people support other businesses which ultimately provides these people with the income to buy RI Real Estate.


Well my wonderful electrician, owner of Moonstone Electric, provided me with an ample bag of fresh and delicious home grown RI oysters from our waters.  Her husband, Graham Brawley, is the director of sales and marketing for the Ocean State Shellfish Cooperative.


Many oyster farmers coming together collectively to have a co-op to sell there product through.  It is wonderful to see the thriving oyster business that is being seeded in our Narragansett Bay and around our RI coastline by these entrepreneurial oyster farmers!


RI oysters and ri real estate

Ocean State Shellfish Cooperative

They are practicing sustainable aquaculture

which is wholeheartedly supported by locals far and wide in Rhode Island.  Keeping the natural and healthy farming of our waters going is their mantra.  Thank you for sharing part of the harvest with me today.

There is nothing as good as the sweet RI oyster!  If  you have not tried a local RI oyster you are missing a mouth watering taste- personally I can tell the difference in where the oysters are harvested on our coastline now…those are my sweet taste buds at work.


Oysters and Real Estate Share Common Ground.


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