North Kingstown Sold Homes | Secret Sauce Pricing

North Kingstown Sold Homes | Secret Sauce Pricing


North Kingstown sold homes in this southern RI coastal real estate area are selling steadily but are selling slower than last year.  So home pricing is critical so your home does not languish and grow stale on the real estate market for ready, willing and able home buyers.  You may ask what is the secret sauce to getting your North Kingstown home for sale to sell well?


North Kingstown Sold Homes | Secret Sauce Pricing

North Kingstown Sold Homes is What My Real Estate Business is About

Pricing says it all in North Kingstown RI real estate.  Yet, most real estate agents and some sellers still do not get that the price of the home is the key to selling it. You can price it subjectively because you have ‘put so much money into it’ yet that has nothing at all to do with the market price of your home.  I want all of you North Kingstown home sellers to listen closely.  The secret sauce to selling your home continues and remains pricing right!

One thing I can shout about from my North Kingstown coastal waters as I enjoy it in my downtime on Narragansett Bay is I price to sell a home in less than 60 days.  My average is 56 days on market this year…with the lowest day on market home this year being in agreement in 1 day.  Yes, the secret sauce to pricing is knowing the North Kingstown local market well, sales stats, North Kingstown neighborhoods, schools, flood zones and condition of homes in the area.  It does not mean pricing LOW by any means, it means that understanding the current home trends of home buyers, needs and wants of buyers will add to the right pricing strategy.


Let us talk about this secret sauce to pricing homes here.  It is more than condition and location, although they are a strong part of this home sale process.  It is also availability of homes for sale and how quickly the ones before yours went into purchase and sales agreement.  Looking at days on market can be critical at various price points depending upon the diversity of home mix(type of home, large or small, etc.) in a neighborhood.  All must be considered well, conclusions and validations must take place.


I have a very analytical mind which comes from my attention to detail and my corporate management background.  Being able to consider all variables in pricing a home are a must.


Case in point: in the North Kingstown home I sold for my clients in one day well originally I was competing against 5 other real estate agents to list this home.  All other agents presented their listing packages and what they could supposedly get for the home.  Some thought they were pricing high based upon past stats or low to sell the home quickly to gain income.  All missed the ‘sales boat’ here.  I priced higher than all of them and sold at 99% of sale price.  Why is that?  What did I incorporate that made all the difference in this and other home sales?  You need to talk to my past clients too who are my champions in marketing me.

Well you need to be a client of mind to truly understand my home sale process.  It is a total incorporation of past and present trends, strong online and print marketing, drone photography and a good sense of my knowledge of this community.

Still looking to find that secret home selling sauce?  I would suggest you call me so we can see what I can do for your next home sale to make it the best home sale you can experience.  Reach out to me at 401.529.7849 today!  North Kingstown Sold Homes | Secret Sauce Pricing.

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North Kingstown Sold Homes | Secret Sauce Pricing


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