North Kingstown RI – South Kingstown RI – Narragansett RI- RI Towns that Cater to RI Saltwater Fishing

North Kingstown RI – South Kingstown RI – Narragansett RI-

RI Towns that Cater to RI Saltwater Fishing


It is a known fact that we have the best saltwater fishing grounds off the coast of Rhode Island.  Not to say that the fresh water fisherman is ignored, he isn’t by any means, but with the amazing coastline and shores of Block Island, saltwater fishing is the preference of most anglers.  By the way, we have a major commercial fishing port of Galilee in Point Judith RI that brings in the saltwater fish and lobster the tourists and locals love too.  Respect for these commercial fisherman is important because they do risk their lives in a very intense job to bring fresh uncontaminated U.S. fish to our doors everyday!


We are the Ocean State in RI so of course we have saltwater fishing.  And it is a big draw for sport fisherman all around New England and beyond.  From the tuna and swordfish tournaments every year held here to the day boats that will take you out on a charter to hook the biggest fish you can.  Yes, remember strong sea legs (I don’t have them!) are an important part of the saltwater boating agenda.


It is bluefish and striped bass that seem to be around our coastal RI real estate waters and which local fisherman seem to catch the most.  You will see fisherman on shore reeling them in as well as on the boats in Narragansett Bay and off the Narragansett and South Kingstown coast.  Especially in the summer months, these catches can be up to 10 pounds – certainly enough to feed a family for the night.


For the adventurous, there are private charters out of East Greenwich, North Kingstown and Narragansett to find the sharks or marlins out there off the coast.  Offshore saltwater fishing is especially good since we are near the Continental Shelf which is a breeding ground for all kinds of fish.  So that is where the knowledgeable saltwater fisherman heads with his boat.  It is a wonderful RI sport and certainly can be shared among the generations of a family.


No matter what the time of year it may be, the waters of North Kingstown, South Kingstown and Narragansett RI offer the saltwater fisherman many alternatives for finding that perfect catch.  Stay on shore or venture out on a boat.  It is all doable for you in the south county area of RI.  Do give it a real RI try. North Kingstown RI – South Kingstown RI – Narragansett RI- RI Towns that Cater to RI Saltwater Fishing.


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