Newport RI In Grand Style | Waterfront & Mansions


Newport RI In Grand Style | Waterfront & Mansions


There is everything about the grand style of Newport RI that is to be appreciated when going to this city by the sea in RI real estate.  It is about the waterfront homes, scenic drives and elaborate mansions of yesteryear that make Newport grand.

As a RI coastal real estate agent, getting to enjoy the Newport coastline comes with friends, family or clients spending time here and exploring with you.  This town is a vibrant and diverse community that preserves the history of its rich past so well from its historic and stately homes to the amazing sailing challenges brought to its yachting center.

Newport RI In Grand Style | Waterfront & Mansions

From Doris Duke and her push to save the historic 18th century homes that were in disrepair and ready to be demolished…  An heiress makes it her cause celeb to ensure Newport retains its grandeur and the homes that made the 18th and 19th century history remain.

The Newport mansions of the industry titans like Vanderbilt were in sad shape by the 1970’s, the families of descendants knew that it took tremendous money to keep these summer homes maintained. They wanted their family homes kept up and restored successfully for all to see and enjoy for future generations.

The Breakers, as one of these mansions, in the 1970’s was sold to the Newport Preservation Society for $499,000 and the wonderful preservation began.  By opening the mansions to the public, charging entrance fees, a funding base was established to assist with the considerable renovation and maintenance these homes needed.  And so the restorations began here to preserve these antique and historic homes that made the history of Newport so exciting in their eras. Being able to share this history which is such a part of the United States culture of its time for all in the future makes a visit here memorable.  The Preservation Society of Newport has done an outstanding job of preservation of this bygone culture for all to see in the future.

 Besides the gilded mansions along Bellevue Avenue is the downtown of Newport, marinas and boating which makes Newport the capitol of the sailing world.  Past home to America’s Cup Races, many of the sailing trials are still held here and enjoyed by all.  Still this port remains a much traveled stop for sailors from all over.

 It is the RI port of call for luxury yachts and Tall Ships from all over the world.  Walk along the coastline and see what sailing boats will pique your interest.  Explore the great shellfish and seafood restaurants that pepper the wharf area and historic side streets.  There are so many that are fabulous to enjoy and you can not go wrong.  Home of the Newport Folk Festival and Newport Jazz Festival every summer, the music fills Fort Adams State Park down the road for all ticket holders to rock with!

Newport RI In Grand Style | Waterfront & Mansions

 So come and put Newport RI on one of your must see visits when you come to Rhode Island.  It is a place I take all my out of state visitors, as well as all the southern Rhode Island towns by the waterfrpmt where my RI coastal real estate business finds me.  The grand style of the waterfront and mansions is a part of the RI history we are so proud of.  Newport RI In Grand Style | Waterfront & Mansions.


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