Joe DiMaggio- New York Yankees Man for all Seasons at Fenway

Joe DiMaggio- New York Yankees Man for all Seasons at Fenway


 With the beginning of the official baseball season it is fun to just think about how the sport once was.  I am a somewhat baseball fan and the truth is that  the Yankees have always been my home team even though I live on the hallowed Boston Red Sox fan earth in RI.  What can I say… when you are raised in New York City, the New York Yankees are in your blood!


the Bronx Bullet-Joe DiMaggio -New York Yankees at Boston Fenway Park

Joe DiMaggion showed all that Real Talent comes from Practice


One of my senior clients has this picture that was just given to him for his birthday of Joe DiMaggioNew York Yankees player extraordinaire, playing a magnificent game against the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park on this June day in 1949.  You would have thought that the Boston crowd would have booed him but they did not it is reported.  They cheered him on because of his magnificent ‘real’ skill with the bat and ball and how he played the game of baseball.  His talent came from hard work and hours of practice (and perhaps a little special gene he was given).


For many of us disheartened by all the steroids and concoctions that have tainted the last 10 years of baseball players, it is sweet to reminisce of how good the game of baseball can really be and was at one time.  Play straight and from the heart.  Well Joe DiMaggio, I salute you too.  I hope we learn something not only in baseball from this man but life and RI real estate.  That the cream can rise to the top, for the better good of all and honing your skill sets the right way will set you apart.  Thanks Joe for that reminder again today!   Joe DiMaggio- New York Yankees Man for all Seasons at Fenway.


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