Jamestown RI Stupendous Fireworks – Fourth of July

Jamestown RI Stupendous Fireworks – Fourth of July

It is always a Splendid Fireworks Buffet in the Sky July 3rd by the Rocket ‘Hogs in Jamestown RI 02835.  A happening at dusk at Mackerel Cove Beach on your way to Beavertail in Jamestown RI 02835.  Don’t be late, be early since the fire department stops all movement of traffic on Beavertail Road due to the area being an explosive zone for the fireworks display by 8:30 pm.

A little known fireworks display put on for years in Jamestown RI that is absolutely outstanding in its splendific buffet of colors in the early evening sky this Saturday.  Just look at these lollapalooza cannons used for the fireworks!

Orchestrated by the town locals and dubbed the Rocket ‘(qua)hogs by the threesome who keep it going with private donations from individuals and businesses.  They promise that if you make a donation that they will blow it up!  You can check in with the rocket ‘hogs if you want more information on the incendiary display they put on.

Now this wonderful location of Mackerel Cove on your way to Beavertail State Park on the little island of Jamestown, RI is the perfect setting for families to voyeur the night time skies for fireworks.  And if you haven’t been to Beavertail State Park in awhile or have never been, come early because the most breathtaking vistas are here of the Rhode Island coastline.  Bring your cameras because the scenery is amazing plus you can either stay in your car or hoof it around on foot to explore this southern end of the island.

Be there to enjoy the evening! I’m taking a break for the evening from the beautiful viewings of the local homes for sale.  It is the place to be on July 3rd for there is always a Splendid Fireworks Buffet in the Sky by the Rocket ‘Hogs in Jamestown RI 02835.

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