Jack-O-Lantern Halloween Spectacular

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Halloween Jack o lantern spectacular at Roger Williams Zoo

Jack-O-Lantern Halloween Spectacular


This Jack-o-Lantern spectacular display is in high gear at the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence RI.  This mega pumpkin event draws people from in state and out of state to this amazing visual bonanza of fun.

It was the creative genius of John Reckner, a Massachusetts native, who 20+ years ago started the idea brewing.  What you see as you walk through this zoo trail are over 5000 meticulously carved pumpkins which are all lit up.  Every year has a theme and this year it’s called the “Walk through Time”…carvings depicting the Grateful Dead to Kiss as well as the Andrews sisters.  All this with the background music of the era playing to bring you back to that time.

These pumpkins are so well carved, amazingly carved I must say, that you know that you are looking at the Mona Lisa’s of the pumpkin world.  And yes, they only last a limited amount of time so this artistry goes with the passing of time- lost forever except in pictures.  Imagine that Mr. Reckner and about 30 workers carve 10,000 pumpkins for the month they are on display (through October 31st)!! The most intricate pumpkin carvings are done by a team of 12-  I would say they are all intricately carved but to look at the Rolling Stones and say it’s the spitting image of them in pumpkin view is an understatement…it’s just brillant carving!  It’s alot of pumpkins and alot of manhours for these devoted artisans.  Mr. Reckner obviously gets such pleasure with the joy and amazement that he brings to so many fans year after year who return to this Jack-o-Lantern spectacular.

You just can’t miss this Jack-o-lantern spectacular if you live anywhere within driving distance of Providence, RI.  Even from Massachusetts and Connecticut travelers come to view this annual pumpkin event.  It is open nightly through Halloween night beginning at 6 pm (be aware that weekends have long lines) and going until 10 pm for a cost of $12 for adults and $9 for children (Fridays & Saturdays cost $1 more per person).  Direct information can be obtained on this event by calling 401-785-3510 or on line at www.rogerwilliamsparkzoo.org.

So wear your comfy shoes and bring your friends or kids, cameras a MUST  and make it a nice night out around the Providence scene (since Waterfires are gone until next year!).  This is one Jack-O-Lantern Halloween extravaganza you can not miss and will remember for years to come.  So as I go home and look at my lonesome tentatively carved pumpkin, I lament that my artistic talents are not where Mr Reckner would even consider acceptable…visit the  Jack-O-Lantern Halloween Spectacular .


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