Is There Such a Thing as Creature Comforts?

Is There Such a Thing as Creature Comforts?


Well there is such a thing as creature comforts.  In fact if you stretch your memory a bit back to the

Creature Comforts

rockin’ late 1980’s, there was a funny film that interviewed animals in a zoo about their life there.  Yes, even animals have a lot to say about how their ‘house’ is and what they would like in their dream home and living arrangements.  Well today my Maine Coon cat, Taylor, does not need to say much about what his North Kingstown real estate needs because as they say sometimes a picture is worth a whole lot more than words!

Having been in somewhat of a ‘zoo’ prior to his adoption rescue by yours truly, Taylor, does seem to feel (and I can only surmise this from my real estate expert sensibilities) that this North Kingstown luxury home meets his house needs.

Is There Such a Thing as Creature Comforts?


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