Is that Buyer Cheating on You?

Is that Buyer Cheating on You?


 Oh the old tell tale signs may be there but sometimes they are not.  Okay, you missed the red flags

Is that Buyer Cheating on You? Real Estate loyalty matters

Is that Buyer Cheating on You?

because you were so eager to please the new buyer clients.  Yes, real estate agents and buyers agents get cheated by their RI home buyers.

And yes a home buyer was cheating on me last month.  I ask for respect, courtesy and the same honesty I give a buyer.  I am very up front about it and most buyers will stick with me but some will cheat on you unmercifully.  I always wonder with couples whether they are so adulterous in their own relationship.


Not being a buyers agency state, no agent will do buyer’s agency paperwork at all.  And buyers know this and resist it.  This has taught some buyers to cheat on Real Estate Agents and move onto the next for no apparent reason.


In this case, two other agents I knew had this particular cheating buyer when she again came into their North Kingstown condos for sale with a new agent.  Both being up front and associates of mine told the other agent if she knew that this buyer had been working with Ginny Gorman.  The agent claimed she didn’t know however her reputation precedes her in this regard.  One of my buddy agents went right up to the buyer and asked why Ginny wasn’t bringing her back in.  The buyer said why?  Well because she has worked for you well.  The buyer said I don’t need to work with anyone and walked away.
Yes, I saw some red flags from the beginning but was sure I was the RI Real Estate Agent she would stay with but how naive was I?  Anyway, it seems that this Real Estate Agent and the buyer are made for one another.  Perhaps it was a ruse all along to give the sale to this Real Estate Agent she knew and yet let me do all the legwork!?


My mantra has always been treat others as you want to be treated…bad karma goes a long way in life.


That boomerang always comes back at you.  So the next time you ask  ‘is that buyer cheating on you?’ to an associate, remind them of the good tenets of life:  fairness, respect, dignity and honesty.

Buying or selling Rhode Island real estate can be a stressful process.   You’ll need a resident expert to show you around and help you narrow down the neighborhoods where you might like to live. I will help you find the perfect home in the right area to fit your lifestyle, budget and needs!   When I list and sell North Kingstown and RI homes for my clients I aim to make the experience less stressful.
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