Inventory of North Kingstown RI 02852 02874 Short Sales – North Kingstown Homes for Sale

Inventory of North Kingstown RI 02852 02874

Short Sales – North Kingstown Homes for Sale

Short Sales in North Kingstown RI

Homes In North Kingtown RI

This is V-J weekend in RI and we are the only state in the U.S. that celebrates it. What we are not celebrating are the number of sellers who need to do short sales on their North Kingstown RI home. The number of North Kingstown short sales has remained constant over the last couple of months.


There are short sale market deals to be had if one has the patience, the right North Kingstown short sale agent and strong negotiating team to get the deal completed. Keeping the sellers’ home out of foreclosure is the target.


A North Kingstown short sale refers to the shortage of monies the mortgage holder(s) will accept when the home is sold because the market value of the home has fallen below the amount the homeowner owes on it (mortgage amount). As I have shared before in prior short sale posts, a short sale truly begins when an offer on a home for sale is received and accepted by the seller at less than the mortgage owed on the home and then submitted to the lender.


It is important as a homeowner in southern RI and considering a short sale that you work with North Kingstown short sale agents who negotiate and close short sales in a timely manner! I can not stress enough that you need to know your agents ability in completing short sales successfully.

The total number of North Kingstown homes for sale has increased to 232 homes on the market. Of those homes, 16 North Kingstown homes for sale are short sales (single family and condominiums). If you are ready to buy a home and want a short sale market deal in a neighborhood of your choice, review the list:

Single family homes:

1) 210 Pheasant Run…4 bedroom, 3200 sq.ft. Colonial for $579,000. Short sale pending.
2) 467 Westmoreland Lane…4 bedroom, 3200 sq. ft. Colonial for $499,500.
3) 290 Congdon Hill Road…3 bedroom, 2264 sq. ft., Cape for $309,000.

4) 51 Thomas Anthony Rd…3 bedroom, 1900 sq. ft. Colonial for $299,000.
5) 141 Chadsey Rd…4 bedroom, 1400 sq.ft. Colonial for $289,900.

6) 40 Surrey La…3 bedroom, 2336 sq. ft. Colonial for $239,900. Short sale pending.

7) 19 Glenwood Dr…3 bedroom, 1462 sq. ft. , Ranch for $190,000. Short sale pending.
8) 30 Ellery Rd….2 bedroom, 1282 sq.ft. Split level for $189,900.
9) 26 Hanson Rd..3 bedroom, 1284 sq.ft. Ranch for $185,000.
10) 93 Bayview Ave., 3 bedroom, 1225 sq.ft. Ranch for $179,900.
11) 6 Highbank Ave…2 bedroom, 704 sq. ft., Ranch for $174,900.
12) 62 Highbank Ave…1 bedroom, 600 sq.ft. Cottage for $119,999.
13) 26 Woodward Rd…2 bedroom, 700 sq.ft. Ranch for $90,000


14) 5 D Caddy Rock…2 bedroom, 1368 sq.ft.,Condo for $174,000.

15) 715 b Ten Rod Rd…2 bedroom,1374 sq.ft., Condo for $169,000.

16) 40 Web Ave…2 bedroom, 1314 sq.ft., Condo for $114,900.

As North Kingstown short sale agents, my team is experienced in the short sale process and can guide you through it successfully.


If you are having trouble paying your mortgage, please give me, Ginny Gorman, a call today, your North Kingstown short sale agent, at 401-529-7849 for a confidential conversation.

Inventory of North Kingstown RI 02852 02874 Short Sales – North Kingstown Homes for Sale.


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