Happy Holidays from RI Real Estate Agent

Happy Holidays from RI Real Estate Agent

Ginny Lacey Gorman

May I offer you the best of holidays with family and friends this Christmas season from RI coastal real estate.


Happy Holidays from RI Real Estate Agent

From the coast of Rhode Island to You

May we all appreciate others this time of year
Reach out and support those who struggle and show that you care.
We are blessed with ourselves and how we define our lives
Make it be something worthwhile and more than just jive.
My passion is real estate and I wear these ruby red shoes endlessly.
I am thankful for all who share my life so well
And hope that blessings are like angel bells.
For ringing that bell is part of my life
It is never a burden and always a blessing
When a difference is made we are all partners in living.
I hope that holidays ring true to you and yours,
That you do make a difference and hope for so much more.
Not material things but compassion and life gifts of any kind to others
We have been charged here with kindness of life to many.
I thank you all for support in my business this season
And wish peace, love and sharing that comes out of reason.
Life can go on without us for sure
But what a difference we can make so never close that door.
Happy Holidays.
Happy Holidays from RI Real Estate Agent, Ginny Lacey Gorman.

Whether you are buying or selling in the RI real estate market, I would love the opportunity to earn your trust and business.  My ruby red shoes guide the way.

As always, call me, Ginny Lacey Gorman, at (401) 529-7849 so we can discuss your RI real estate options.

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