Friday the 13th – Are You Spooked yet?

Friday the 13th – Are You Spooked yet?


To me it is one of the best days of the year…in fact the 13th on Friday has always been one of my best sales or offer days in my RI real estate

Buying ri real estate on friday the 13th

A good day in RI Real Estate

career.  There is something to superstition in people’s lives but the number 13 has been a lucky number from college to the the present day.  Not superstitious at all but just like that lucky number.


So there is something to the crazy people staying off the roads on the 13th and for it to be a safer day to live your life well.  Actually I am hoping that the lucky 13 holds true to form…See I have an out of state buyer who is seeing  condos for sale through the eyes of his daughter to buy the condo long distance.
 The buyer has seen this complex before and knows the layout and likes it.  He has no druthers about considering it on the 13th but others do.  In fact, the listing agent told me he had 2 buyers agents cancel appointments because their buyers became spooked that it was Friday the 13th!  Good for us!  This may be the best day to look at RI real estate.
By the way, Friday the 13th usually happens at least 3 times a there is time for you to catch the next one and ride the wave.
So tell me something that has happened to you in real estate on Friday the 13th in the past that you can share with all?!  And let us all go out and enjoy and be motivated on this day!
  Friday the 13th – Are You Spooked yet?
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