Flowers make my day…how about You?


North Kingstown RI

Flowers make my day…how about You?

They glisten in the morning dew, thirst for their drops of water and reward us by spectacular shows of color…they really do make one’s day.  Of course I think I have plant cells growing in my blood so to speak.  Some may know I had a specialty and unusual plant business at one time called ‘Rhythm and Blooms’ in RI real estate.


  My venue for plant sales was the South Kingstown RI Farmers Market which I did every Saturday (rain or shine) from May to October besides doing my crazy corporate job.


Little budding plants were started in my greenhouse every year and nurtured along to sale time so you could say I have a green thumb…it is just that I do not have the time for it anymore.  I just let what I have grow and sustain the pleasure of making friends smile when they visit my gardens.


It is just a great part of being a North Kingstown Real Estate Agent to have this passion and escape to enjoy…not so good with house plants so I don’t understand that one…I like my plants outside where they belong!  So it is not just the bouquets of flowers that should so inspire us but the palette of colors our gardens share with us.   Flowers make my day…how about You?


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