Did You Make Someone Smile Today on a Short Sale?

Did You Make Someone Smile Today on a Short Sale?


It is that kind of smile that comes through the phone loud and clearly with the statement “you are kidding me Ginny aren’t you”.  It is the smile and relief that is heard from a seller who has received their North Kingstown short sale approval letter and are ready to close.  This is what makes RI real estate interesting!


Yes, Virginia some banks are getting better at it, communicating and negotiating in a constructive way and responding in a timely manner.  I have been very fortunate to have my Bank of America short sale clients come through the process not badly scarred lately. Many have had their deficiency judgments waived for them with minimal dollar contributions required at closing. Yes, the hard work has paid off, cooperative sellers have made the difference, as well as buyers who are in the transaction for the long term and an exceptional legal team – and perhaps many hail marys said.


So we made the buyer smile today as well as the buyer’s agent – actually I got the big WooHoo -wouldn’t you say it was a great day?!  No one likes to get too excited because the roadblocks that come at you are sometimes so ill-defined in this process.  One bank does it this way and the other bank would never hear of that process happening or negotiating that item.  It is about keeping it all straight for what can be a long process on a short sale.


The buyer’s bank says they can close in just three weeks and the seller’s bank is waiting in standby mode.  In six weeks, a lot was accomplished by all.  The negotiators changed a couple of times but the last one did not miss too much of the ‘get it done’ beat here on this one.  It has reached a moving on point for the seller. The seller said thank you to me for bringing him back from the brink because “I did not know what to do as I drowned with this mortgage and no job…what if my girlfriend had not found you from your blog about short sales?”  Well guess what – you did find me, you have a great smile so don’t lose it, life will get better and you have the chance to move on.  I do enjoy good days and great smiles in this business of real estate.


So for the homeowner who is reading this post and is struggling with their mortgage and does not want to end up in foreclosure…call me today.  There is a short sale process that can get you out from under your home and allow you to move on with your life.  Did you make someone smile today on a short sale?


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