Crazy Burger Cafe & Juice Bar- the Funky Menu to Die For!

Crazy Burger Cafe & Juice Bar- the Funky Menu to Die For! 


Narragansett Rhode Island‘s food experience right on Boon Street in Narragansett Pier is truly a trip.  Such an eclectic menu of beyond belief dishes to taunt the palate and deliver the taste experience that just doesn’t happen with many restaurants any more.  You need to put it on your ‘bucket list’ of places to eat my friends.

Whether you are a vegan or a carnivore, the menu at Crazy Burger is yummy and it hasCrazy Burger Cafe & Juice Bar been this way since 1995 when the owner Michael Maxon started weaving the web of food delights for all the hankering patrons in and around south county ri.  Can you tell it’s one of my all time favorite restaurants!

From mouth watering breakfasts with undeniably great fresh fruit smoothies to lunches with spinach crepes, sweet potato fries, sweet corn & leek soups, salmon burgers & vegan delights. Dinner at Crazy Burger just encompasses many choices from vegan lasagna (which I tried last time & loved it) to the mahi-mahi, filet mignon or ginger miso salmon.  All ‘dressed’ with rubs or sides that you will find irresistable.  And less I forget to remind you that it’s a b.y.o.b restaurant which is great especially when you have that fine bottle of wine you hijacked from your brother’s house to bring with you.

Crazy Burger Crew with Guy Fieri Freaky Yummy It's amazing
Well Guy Fieri of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives of Food Network channel fame found Crazy Burger in 2009 and fell for the food whipped up in this small cafe.  Guy arrived with his fine red camaro and filmed a segment of his program here.  Thoroughly enjoying every moment of this restaurant, atmosphere, food and good camaraderie.  Local lore says Guy’s married to a RI girl so he has that connection too.

tuna delight Thai Scallops Vegan Lasagna

So less I forget to tell you that Crazy Burger is open everyday of the week from breakfast to dinner (8 a.m to 8:30 p.m. except Friday & Saturday to 9 p.m.) at 144 Boon Street, Narragansett RI 02882.  They have counter, booth and a garden seating areas available depending on you flavor that day.  So make sure you plan this stop into your dining road trip too and make it to Crazy Burger Cafe & Juice Bar with the Funk Menu to Die For!


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