Connect with Local Businesses- This North Kingstown Real Estate Agent Does

Connect with Local Businesses- This North Kingstown Real Estate Agent Does


Connecting with your peer and local businesses is an important part of a referral business.  Do you do it consistently?  Well if you are

Connect with Local Businesses- This North Kingstown Realtor Does

Amazing Kitchen by Wickford Kitchen and Bath

like most agents you have great intentions but the business of satisfying customers may get in the way.  Just remember that the local hardware store, pet store, jewelry or clothing store, consignment shop and kitchen and bath store all offer us opportunities for expanding our breadth of exposure as well as theirs.


 Helping other businesses with SEO (search engine optimization) and configuring their web site better for the various search engines is as important in North Kingstown real estate as it is for a kitchen and bath store…but they just did not know it!  As a North Kingstown real estate agent, I have spent time over the last several months stopping in at Wickford Kitchen and Bath store to bounce off lead generating ideas with them.  We worked on their SEO a bit and they have more to do, showed them how to improve their pictures by using PICASA , direct mail target marketing, etc.  They invite me in to bounce ideas off of me from time to time.
I stopped in Wickford Kitchen and Bath yesterday after a real estate closing and was fired up to offer my RI real estate marketing advice for this store owner.  Number one they are a trusted and exceptional store and I just LOVE the kitchens they design- my Wood Mode kitchen is great but every time I venture into their show room, I just want to do it all over again…lol.  I gave them a few leads I had for kitchen makeover homes from my North Kingstown agent door knocking exploits.

Now is it not a great way to synergize and help a fellow business owner?


Refer a possible lead right to them.  Then the business manager said that she wants to do ALL the kitchens in “high end” neighborhood.  I said why not…have you sent out a targeted mailing campaign to them yet (yes, Barbara Todaro’s mentoring has paid off)?  The business owner and business manager’s mouths just dropped a mile.  I like that idea one of them said & the other one just grinned- I love it when you come in Ginny you have such great marketing ideas.

But wait, I was not done yet…how about ‘hosting’ a new kitchen party for one of these high end homes after kitchen completion and have the homeowner invite their friends and you pay for the party?  Oh, they were thrilled…they had not thought of that one yet either.  Well I did tell them to remember me with referrals and I hope to have one coming my way soon from them!
It is satisfying as a North Kingstown Real estate agent to spread the knowledge especially when it is so well appreciated by the local Wickford RI businesses. It will come back to you twofold.  What are you doing to help your local businesses connect?
 Connect with Local Businesses- This North Kingstown Real Estate agent Does.
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