Charlestown RI 02813 Real Estate Market Statistics – October 2011

Charlestown RI 02813 Real Estate Market Statistics-October 2011


8 Charlestown RI homes have been sold in October:

3 homes sold for over $400,000

3 homes sold between$300,000- $400,000

2 homes sold less than $300,000

There were 131 Charlestown RI homes for sale in October 2011 which was a 5 % decrease over the prior month (9 less homes for sale).

Charlestown RI Market Report

Charlestown RI has low taxes

  This is the second month in decline of Charlestown RI real estate.  Of the Charlestown RI homes on the market 20 of them are over $1 million which is remains constant (15% of the home inventory).

The numbers of Charlestown RI homes for sale, price range of homes sold and real estate market trends month to month for Charlestown RI neighborhoods (such as Quonnie) that may be on your radar are shared here. From West Beach to East Beach to Shelter Harbor their are many great Charlestown RI neighbors to explore.  With the low property tax rates in this town it is a very attractive town to buy a home.


Charlestown RI continues to have a good supply of homes for sale and the oceanfront and coastal Charlestown RI homes for sale are being viewed but are not in the active sales right now. The Charlestown RI home sales were spread out among all price levels.


Charlestown RI pending home sales are equal to September 2011There are 15 homes awaiting a closing which is equal to the prior month.  To be in ‘pending’ status is to be awaiting on the closing of the home, i.e. there is a signed purchase and sales agreement on the home.


Out of state buyers continue to search for oceanfront Charlestown RI homes for sale. I do expect real estate to remain constant this fall especially in the lower price ranges and for waterfront and vacation homes. When you have great beaches and low taxes, it is a fantastic draw for buyers all around New England and beyond. Come and explore another waterfront RI town!


 Charlestown RI 02813 Real Estate Market Statistics – October 2011.


Ginny Lacey Gorman is a Charlestown RI agent who works and knows the Charlestown RI geographic area of homes for sale, schools, happenings, important tidbits of information and businesses well.


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