Challenging Houses – Challenging Men

Challenging Home

Challenging Houses- Challengin Men


Challenging houses – challenging men

.  Alright I am not breaking any golden rule here and it is not like I am sharing the addresses of these challenging RI real estate houses or the names of these men.  People who know me will make their guesses…let me be clear that this is not book fodder.  True, there are houses sometimes that I just say ‘wow’ it is going to be tough to sell or should I say challenging to sell.


There are men who I have had similar experiences with in dating. So the comparisons come to be…  and so it came to me today while another issue surfaced on this home and the seller said I can’t deal with all my house issues anymore.  She said I can’t tell people like you do what they did wrong and need to re-do again…can’t you pretend you are my daughter and tell them like you tell me (no messing with me when it comes to business people who don’t honor the issues caused by their employees)?  No, I really can not pretend to be someone else.  Let’s call your lawyer and get him involved.  Okay, this is an interesting home one might say but it has had a huge number of issues and I’m wondering what I was thinking when I listed it!  We will get through it for sure but it got me to thinking…


So how is this analogy between houses and boyfriends similar?  Let me explain:

Looks can kill the deal.
– Presentation and staging makes all the difference in a home so bring in a Stager and make it show well – you want that ‘wow’ factor that just brings that buyer to their knees when they walk into the home…in a boyfriend the growing belly, couch potato attitude and unkempt looks just doesn’t have that attraction after awhile- it may help end the relationship if one of the Fab Four do not surface to help out.


What is Under the Surface does Matter.
– Yes, you might like what is on the surface of the home but the drill down comes when the home inspection (and you do do a home inspection right?!) is done and all the warts and moles are revealed in glowing glory.  Can you deal or negotiate the 3 layers of roof shingles, the waste pipe that is corroding from the inside out, handyman wiring issues, septic issues, etc. Whatever you decide after the home inspection, you may live with for a long time…with or without headaches.  Oh, did we mention the boyfriend under the hood inspection (be nice now) with the temper or bad mouth that has been in check for awhile now but oops…it surfaces!


Financial Responsibility.
– Know your point of know return in selling a home and where the short sale starts.  I have had sellers who have refused to look at the calculations on where their break even point is before they go into short sale.  Have utterly refused to face the facts of their financial situation.  Thereby refusing offers that would have saved their credit.  Face the facts, they are what they are.  If you have to do a short sale it will take you out of your home financial situation sooner rather than later (and perhaps salvage you from foreclosure).  You do eventually get to move on with your life.

Yes, poor money habits do matter, do come back to bite one, as the credit card balances grow (yes, that motorcycle on credit was not a good idea) and this debt situation really doesn’t help attract women to ‘the man’ long term.  Needless to say longevity of home ownership or a good twosome relationship means fiscal responsibility that is transparent to all the parties involved.

Honestly, there is nothing better than slow and steady but what is there that is like that in this world? …challenging houses keeps us on our toes, ever learning and frowning (that’s where the wrinkles come into play), honing our repair skill sets especially and waiting to start that next challenging house again.  Okay, let’s put the boyfriends on hold.  Challenging Houses – Challenging men.


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