Calef Avenue Neighborhood- Narragansett RI- Point Judith Way

Calef Avenue Neighborhood -Narragansett RI- Point Judith Way


Down Ocean Road way past Scarborough State Beach and traveling towards the Point Judith lighthouse is the the neighborhood

Narragansett RI real estate

Discover Calef Avenue Narragansett RI Real Estate

of Calef Avenue in Narragansett in RI coastal real estate.  Known primarily for ocean front homes, cottages and bungalows, Narragansett has the waterfront real estate most buyers desire.  Many have lived in this neighborhood since the 1950’s (or at least there families have) and with the stunning Atlantic Ocean beneath them, this Narragansett real estate is always in high demand with buyers.


The Calef Avenue neighborhood comes really alive around Memorial Day when the warm winds blow consistently to shore.  The views of the surrounding Atlantic Ocean are breathtaking here which makes this Narragansett real estate very desirable.


The waterfront Narragansett homes are all opened up for their homeowners enjoyment by then.  Some of these Narragansett neighborhood homes have been in the same family for generations while others change owners regularly.


It is interesting to watch out of state buyers driving up and down this street seeing if there is a home they want.  It does happen quite regularly with the Connecticut and Massachusetts license plates noted here.   Instead you can just search here for Calef Avenue Narragansett homes for sale:


It is a wonderful Narragansett life style to live year round or just for vacation in the Calef Avenue hood!  It is the Point Judith part of Narragansett with the lighthouse beaming its beacon out to see.   Being at the tip of Narragansett RI feels almost like being on an island!  It is just a remarkable area to be a homeowner.  This is all part of our great RI living experience!

Calef Avenue Neighborhood- Narragansett RI- Point Judith Way real estate

Calef Avenue Neighborhood- This Way!

There are such great neighborhoods to explore on this side of Narragansett

such as: Great Island and Harbour Island too.  Got the itch for a waterfront Narragansett home?  If you are considering the sale or purchase of your home or condo I would like the opportunity to earn your business, represent you in the process and exceed your expectations.  Having lived for years in this Narragansett area I know the nooks and crannies, flood plains and coastal concerns you may not know about.  My goal is always to protect your interests when buying and selling a home.


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Calef Avenue Neighborhood -Narragansett RI- Point Judith Way.


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