Bulldog with the Skateboarding Feet (Feat) – Winston!

Bulldog with the Skateboarding Feet (Feat) – Winston

English bulldog - Winston- Skateboard Addict

Winston the RI’s Skateboarding English Bulldog

 If you live in southern RI, I am sure you have heard or witnessed the English bulldog with a huge hankering for skateboarding.  The dog is an avid skateboarder.


His name is Winston which appears to be a popular name for English bulldogs.  Perhaps Winston Churchill would be honored if he were still alive- I wonder about that because there is an amazing resemblance between the two!


Well Winston, the English bulldog, belongs to my son’s girlfriend, Stacee, and they came out to look with me in Charlestown RI at a foreclosure and yes, Winston came along.  As soon as my son popped the trunk of the car Winston went crazy just jumping up and down and crying…he knew the skateboard was in the car’s trunk.  He is a skateboard addict.  You have to see the way this dog behaves about his skateboard- it is just wild!


So we took Winston out on the suburban cul de sac road and let Winston do his thing while I made his starring movie…a neighbor came out to the road and said that she had seen a dog doing this in Wakefield (yes, we told her that was Winston– he’s everywhere on his skateboard).  She just laughed.  So enjoy Winston the English bulldog in his first feature film. The bulldog with the skateboarding feet (feat) – Winston!


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