Be an Angel and Fill the Salvation Army’s Virtual Kettle Today


Salvation Army red kettle

Be an Angel and Fill the Salvation Army’s Virtual Kettle Today

We all have just had a wonderful celebratory holiday of Thanksgiving but helping real people is a year round mission for many organizations like the Salvation Army-so I encourage each one of you to be an Angel in this season, make a worthwhile donation and fill their virtual kettle on line. Yes, believe it or nor the Salvation Army has made it to the virtual age in order to attract donations they need to support all the heartfelt programs they do everyday.

It got me thinking that I had not taken names from the giving tree that the Salvation Army sponsors locally in our community. I always do it right after Thanksgiving at a local store but now you can do it on line…in fact the Salvation Army is using social media to its fullest extent by Tweeting, Facebooking, Flckring and YouTubing to show what they do for the people in need in all our communities. From combating human trafiking, aiding with senior services, disaster relief aid and the list goes on. Please take a minute to go to their site and see how you can easily make a donation for the season. It always feels so good to give of ourselves to others any day and any way.

In experiencing the needs at my community’s North Kingstown Food Pantry at Thanksgiving, it was just overwhelming the people who are in real need at this time…and certainly the time of year makes it more poignant and tugs at your heart more so. If you can encourage those around you to help a bit more, you will find, as I have, a better sense of fulfillment to others when you can increase the giving chain.

Let me say that you can TEXT “GIVE” to 85944 to donate $10 to the Salvation Army…you do not have to stop at the Salvation Army kettle to do that anymore…I was just amazed it is that easy to make a donation. The Salvation Army has its own online Red Kettle!!

There are many more great non-profits that do a great job of giving also, so reach out to any of them with your families this year…the Salvation Army is one I personally have always supported…it helps real people -so be an Angel and fill the Salvation Army’s Virtual Kettle today.


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