Being Authentic Self as a RI Real Estate Agent

Being Authentic Self as a RI Real Estate Agent


There is nothing easier in life than just being authentic self, right?  Oh, you are thinking I really can not be myself with

Being Authentic Self as a RI Real Estate Agent

Capturing One’s Authentic Self in any Profession

customers in my business…what will they think of me?  That said so many people hide behind their masks in life due to experiences, training or just afraid of who they really are.  We need to expose ourselves in so many ways to truly be the real person we are and yes it may be painful for some but yet so satisfying in the long run.  No psychologist am I nor do I want to be,  life is easier when you own up to the best of your being.

In my position as a RI coastal real estate agent, clients need to know who I am and how I do my business.

Knowing who I am is part of why clients stay with me.  It is about representation in the field of real estate as well as representing myself as a person who cares.  Someone who loves her sparkly red shoes (and all red things!), adores the waterfront and coastline of this fine Rhode Island state, has two fine sons that are important to her, a single mom, a creator of visual art in many formats, supporter of the challenged who don’t have the voice, an organic gardener and a culinary maven.  And friends I have are all important to me.  I always say ‘what you see is what you get with me’….I am pretty much a well rounded person because I have taken the risks in life to challenge myself where I thought I could not go.  Exposing oneself to the unknown in life is part of being a truly authentic you.  It is what moves us forward and there is something always to learn and grow with.

In this RI real estate business one is not a ‘salesman’ (although many feel they are) but a key representative, a personal shopper, to a client in their largest asset purchase or home sale.  Yes, a home is an unequivocal asset of equity that must be purchased well with extreme due diligence.  The trust a client puts in a real estate agent is great especially with first time home buyers.  Do the right thing!  If you do not know something admit it, go to the reputable source, get your information for the knowledge in hand says you are what they thought you would be… their trusted real estate agent.  Without the right guidance why do they need you?

It is about owning up to mistakes, taking the right path, having the right vendor support and correcting the problems.  Being human means we fail sometimes but it is the recovery that sets us apart with our customers.  I want my clients to know that I am there for them in thick and thin.  Every client is like my child…to protect, honor, care and do the right thing for their future home or home sale.  It is what makes me a real person and not just a RI real estate agent I believe.

Being Authentic Self as a RI Real Estate Agent


Ginny Lacey Gorman is your go to Rhode Island waterfront agent for RI real estate and beyond…knowing the geographic area, schools, happenings and important tidbits of local information.  Email me at to make an appointment to find the home of your dreams too!
Waterfront, oceanfront, luxury and coastal Rhode Island real estate are my specialty but all of RI is my backyard.  When you are in need of a real estate professional and specialist for your buying, selling or relocating needs and an internet savvy marketer who sells RI houses in this real estate 


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