Another Home Sold by Ginny L. Gorman – Fannie Mae Delivered

Another Home Sold by Ginny L. Gorman –

Fannie Mae Delivered


It was the final two weeks to closing and my buyer and

Ginny L. Gorman sells homes

The Price was Right- Location Superb! Warwick RI

myself went into check the contractor’s work to ensure completeness…well heat was not working in two rooms and the outside water faucet was now running which wasn’t before -endlessly.  So the listing agent is on the phone, gets the contractor to come back & voila-done.


Well shouldn’t that be the end of this Fannie Mae foreclosure sale…especially after 5 months of frustration!  Well of course the closing was desirable but it was just starting with the lender who wanted document after document near the end of repairs.  Every word on that inspection report was now being questioned by the lender.  The lender had a month to do all of this and waited until 3 days prior to closing… it was frazzle time and being handled by me and the listing agent.  All corrected documents were in the lenders hands the next day and you think I was paid for round the clock of work!


The buyer was thrilled and appreciative…she had been delayed for 5 1/2 months primarily by Fannie Mae to get to this

Buyer that is Patient

As Young as she is- She is the Buyer!!

point…the lender delay was the distasteful frosting on the cake.  The listing agent was so appreciative of my calmness and working with them the whole time…not typical he says of other Real Estate Agents he has dealt with on these problematic sales.  My job was to get to the closing table for my buyer on a house she wanted above all else.  What it took as a professional is to stay focused, work well with all parties and make it right for the buyer.


The buyer received her keys to her new Warwick RI home today!  This was one long process but  now all repairs in order on this great waterfront Warwick home.  She has now a place for her boa constrictor and other snakes and… oh no, I haven’t met them…yet…


Another Home Sold by Ginny L. Gorman – Fannie Mae Delivered.

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