An Attitude of Gratitude – Meet Bonnie Smith- North Kingstown Food Pantry Volunteer Extraordinaire

An Attitude of Gratitude – Meet Bonnie Smith- North Kingstown Food Pantry Volunteer Extraordinaire


For nearly 30 years Bonnie Smith has made a difference in people in need – lives touched by a true volunteer.  Food pantrys are prevalent in

Bonnie Smith North Kingstown RI is proud

Cheers to Bonnie

almost every community but what is happening in North Kingstown at the Food Pantry location at the North Kingstown Methodist Church at 450 Boston Neck Road is something special.


Bonnie Smith is a mother, grandmother, former day care provider, bus monitor and always lending a hand to family’s in need.  She is never doing one job but many…it is all a juggling act in ensuring struggling families are provided with food and all for meals.


From it’s basic origin in the early 1980’s this North Kingstown Food Pantry has drawn on and from the efforts of Bonnie Smith and her amazing volunteers and community.  She orchestrates this constant flow of food, with volunteers and identify the families they can help with food & essentials.  From the churches, boy scouts, high school drama club ( who at Halloween collected 2700 pounds of food for the pantry!), Lions Club, private donors & sponsors, elementary schools, Dave’s Marketplace, and I’m sure I’m missing contributors – the support is here and the need is recognized.


The involvement Bonnie has instilled in the school children who contribute greatly to the North Kingstown Food Pantry constantly by their challenges and giving programs.  What better way to teach children to care for your neighbor who is hurting?!

Bonnie showed me around their storehouse within the Methodist Church which has been through many pastors who have lent their support and shelter to the North Kingstown Food Pantry all this time.  But they are making it happen for many families on a weekly basis year round, 24/7.  As Bonnie says she has her 2 year old grandchild learning how to stack the cans here!  She wants you all to know that the Need doesn’t stop after Thanksgiving…the need is growing everyday.


The dollars go far here and I can attest that our Spring Yard Sale at Phillips Post Road Realty brought in a needed boost.  It is important to have a revolving initiative of programs to help the Pantry out.  In these tough economic times it is harder than ever.  Reach deep and contribute in any way you can to the North Kingstown Food Pantry right now.


Bonnie Smith said that 401-294-7608 is the number to call for the North Kingstown Food Pantry.  Yes, an answering machine… but a volunteer will call you back.  If you have the resources to drop-off non perishable food here from Tuesday- Friday 10 a.m.- 2 p.m at 450 Post Road North Kingstown,  it is welcomed.  Bonnie has become the North Kingstown Food Pantry face plate for a great program she invigorates with her high spirit, smile, wit and drive…Salute to Bonnie Smith for her life long efforts for others.  She demonstrates An Attitude of Gratitude- Meet Bonnie Smith- North Kingstown Food Pantry Volunteer Extraordinaire.

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