Who Sells Waterfront RI Real Estate in North Kingstown?

Who Sells Waterfront RI Real Estate in North Kingstown?


Mount View neighborhood - North Kingstown RI real estate

Walk to beach, boating and bike path in Mount View~


Who Sells Waterfront RI Real Estate in North Kingstown?  Okay did you see both of my hands go up…higher, higher.  Well if I could do that by email, text or over the phone I certainly would.  The coastal Mount View community in North Kingstown is part of my waterfront home area I sell many homes.


I market extensively to the Mount View neighborhood with plants, goodwill, social media and postcards.

It is my backyard and I just love this little hamlet of waterfront RI real estate community that is sweet as can be.

So when an agent from the next town over calls me up and says my buyer wants a neighborhood North Kingstown real estate agent, I am your gal for sure.


It is only a 20 minute ride for the other agent but her client wanted someone who knew Mount View very well.  And she knew I was the one to receive the referral.  Yes gladly I will take it with open arms.


Who Sells Waterfront RI Real Estate in North Kingstown?
waterfront RI real estate

Walk the beach, kayak or play in the water…

So this is a reminder that referrals can come within the littlest state in the Union to other agents.   Make that first real estate impression a good one and make it last.  Being rewarded with a trust of another agent’s client is a wonderful thing especially in Rhode Island real estate!


So this particular walk to water North Kingstown home will be coming on the market soon. This is a renovated North Kingstown home for sale that is being primped and primed for buyers. It is a sweet 2 bedroom home (3 bedroom septic newer), 1.5 baths with over 1100 square feet of living space, stunning backyard with deck and fence privacy.  Interested yet, priced under $200,000 this is a coastal RI real estate & vacation home.
What a great way to start the week…see some agents really don’t sleep, nap or rest like they should!  But look what I might have missed!   If you are ready to find the right waterfront North Kingstown neighborhood and home for sale, contact a North Kingstown real estate agent.  I’d love the opportunity to help.  Phone me today at (401) 529-7849, or email me at RiByTheBay@gmail.com to schedule an appointment.  Who Sells Waterfront RI Homes in North Kingstown?
Ginny Lacey Gorman is your go to waterfront North Kingstown agent for real estate in North Kingstown RI and beyond…knowing the geographic area, schools, happenings and important tidbits of local information.

Waterfront, oceanfront, luxury and coastal Rhode Island real estate are my specialty but all of RI is my backyard.  When you are in need of a true real estate professional for your buying, selling or relocating needs and an internet savvy marketer who sells RI houses in this real estate market call Ginny at 401.529.7849.