Short Sale my Home – So How much will it Cost Me?


North Kingstown short sale- the cost


Short Sale my Home – So How much will it Cost Me?


This is like deja vu (I have seen this before).  It seems almost everyday a conversation similar to this unfolds between a prospective homeowner client in RI real estate and myself.  The homeowner is underwater on their mortgage, has a financial hardship  (due to loss of job, illness, divorce) and has unsuccessfully tried to obtain a loan modification on their mortgage.  It is painful…I say really painful to hear again and again from homeowners looking for a solution to their mortgage payment problem.


As a North Kingstown short sale agent I can see the evidence of the home values decline around me.  Homeowners in distress are no longer sitting quietly on the sidelines hoping the economy and the local real estate market will come back strongly right now.  Home sellers now understand the current environment is here for awhile.


The reality of the here and now in short sales is that you better know the skill level, know how and expertise of the North Kingstown short sale agent who is listing your home.  Without the right knowledge, the short sale may cost you more than you want.


The  most current North Kingstown short sale report shows that North Kingstown short sales have quadrupled in the last month.  Yes, that is right and it is not a calming figure.  However, as homeowners would agree the alternative is foreclosure and is NOT an option for most sellers.  They want to rebuild, regroup and renew their lives to better credit and to have a life once again without the significant pressures of today.


So my client repeats the ultimate short sale phrase to an agent?  If I short sale my home how much will it cost me? Again this is an excellent question but let me answer on what it will cost you as the homeowner if you do not do it as  a short sale.  It will cost you almost the same as a foreclosure on your credit score, a deficiency judgment against you for monies owed, promissory note perhaps from the bank and losing lots of time in your life among other things.


So what do you want  short sales to do for you?  Perhaps regain your life back…start takes some time but not that long.  If you are unsure about your options regarding a North Kingstown short sale, please give me a call me at 401-529-7849 for a confidential meeting.  As far as what it will cost you from the bank when you do a short sale, it just depends and it may be less than you think.  Let’s talk.

Short Sale my Home – So How much will it Cost Me?


Ginny Lacey Gorman is a North Kingstown RI Real Estate agent who works and knows the RI geographic area of homes for sale, schools, happenings, important tidbits of information and businesses well. 

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    Thank you for sharing this. Im sure it had enlighten many homeowners regarding their confusions with short sales. And if they have any clarifications, Ginny Gorman is an expert North Kingstown short sale agent they can rely on.