Why do You think I work for Free?

Why do You think I work for Free?


Being a top selling North Kingstown real estate agent takes time, dedication and working with great clients.  That is right the

Rhode Island Real Estate costs money

Treat Your Agent Like a Star

right clients.  These clients in selling a home are committed to a market price.  This is not a ‘home value’ price they were told when it was appraised five years ago or the price they bought their home at.  Evaluating a client’s home motives (buyers or sellers) is important whether it is a short sale, relocation, move up or downsize property when I am investing my time and resources.


My time is money!  I only get paid when I sell a home…not if it doesn’t sell.

Now if you have a corporate job or an hourly job, you get paid weekly or monthly by your employer when you come to work.  That is not my life in real estate.  I choose my clients as well as they choose me.

My goal is to work for the client with my strong internet presence and sell their home.  I do not work for free!  I will not take a North Kingstown home for sale to ‘test the waters’ of the Rhode Island real estate market.


Not being rude here but why do you think I work for free?  I too have bills to be paid.

Buyers, on the other hand, are happy to call me, want home information they can find on my web site and want the North Kingstown real estate agent to do the work of drilling down Rhode Island real estate for them with no client relationship.  Or really thoughts of buying…they’re shopping.
First, these buyers share private information that is not confidential any longer because they do not have a designated client relationship with me.  Also, it is amazing how many are ‘cash’ buyers out there but do not or can not show their proof of funds to me.

I work with established clients who are committed to me as I am to them. We sign papers for a buyer’s representation and all their information is always and will stay Confidential.  Not with others…sorry to disappoint the real estate shoppers out there but you should find a discount Real Estate Agent…they do not do their due diligence or negotiate like I do on a real estate sales transaction.  Again, why do you think I work for free?


My schedule is planned out with ‘clients’ to sell their Rhode Island real estate homes or find buyers new homes but I work usually within a 90 day schedule.  If you are ready, willing and able to buy in this time table, we can set up a meeting to go over your home selling or buying needs.  Be committed to me as I am to you and you will not be disappointed.


Ask to speak with past clients, check out my testimonials and know that this is a strong partnership going forward.  When you are my client.  Understand this is my life and I love what I bring to clients in value.


If you are ready to find the right North Kingstown neighborhood and home for sale, contact a North Kingstown real estate agent.  I’d love the opportunity to help.  Phone me today at (401) 529-7849, or email me at RiByTheBay@gmail.com to schedule an appointment.  Why do You think I work for Free?


  1. Kristine Ginsberg says

    Ginny – you work so hard for all your clients, going above and beyond the call of duty……but like you say, you don’t work for free, and nor should you! However, for the serious buyer or seller looking for a topnotch Realtor with a proven track record, decades of experience, with excellent negotiation skills, they’d be wise to hire you to represent them! You are second to no one!