What does Face Recognition Gain for You…

What does Face Recognition Gain for You


…Perhaps more than you think if you are a blogger, on line or not hiding behind a work bench!  If you do not have a face to remember

What is your on line presence

You are not looking at my face!

don’t worry, if you are out in the online community being seen and remembered but not placed, the fingers wag.  How is that?  You know this is Rhode Island and everyone is connected with the less than 6 degrees of separation here.


This is not about the Hollywood, dolled up picture either.  It is about you out and about doing your business, hobbies, community service and sharing all you have to offer to the followers, friends, families and catch you while I can viewers.  Letting the true self shine through is what it is about in the blog sphere as well as life.  People know whether or not you live in your own truth…


Ri waterfront with the ruby red shoes

RI Real Estate agent with the ruby red shoes

Sharing the face, big stomach, toothful smile or flaming hair there is a trademark that leaves an indelible impression on the viewer.  So here I am in Trader Joe‘s shopping for some goat cheese and these two women next to me speak up.  They are interested in the goat cheese but are looking at me with a side smile.  “I know you they say…you are from around South County RI“, I recognize you and then they said but you don’t have the sparkly red shoes with you!  They were looking from my head to my toes trying to figure out who I was.


I see you everywhere on GOOGLE when I am looking at images one of them said.  That is where I saw you her friend said.  I am in real estate I told them…well they smiled and said I remember that now.  Well whether they did or did not…it is about recognition in this RI real estate world…remember me on the waterfront in Wickfordwhat does face recognition gain for you


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