Underwriters, Over Writers and the Buyer is Caught in the Middle

Underwriters, Over Writers and the Buyer is Caught in the Middle


…I am one fed up North Kingstown Agent.  Just like the great mobile phone commercial which says ‘can you hear

Underwriters are a Pain

Underwriting 102

me now’ I am all about setting the stage right now for lining up the underwriters who are overwriting everything that comes at them.  As you may or may not know it is the underwriters who give the blessing (yay or nay) on whether the buyers can get a mortgage or not on a RI real estate home.

When you have a great first time home buyers with super credit, great job and the underwriters come back time after time on items that were clearly explained in documents, I believe, in the first submission.  But…not in the words they wanted or stated as they wanted.  How can you say it so many ways or show the documentation from all the vendors again and again on what has been repaired on a property?  


The underwriters are again sitting on the loan package to the nth hour

…I guess that is really ticking me off.  When you (the underwriters) have had the application for so long!   Remember this process is not a 6 week process…we have been waiting on the bank for 2 months now!

Is there something in this North Kingstown RI home buying process chain that the underwriter gods of the world can speak to??  There are so many touch points for new buyers but especially the self employed owners of small businesses in our local towns now.  They are the ones we want to thrive and buy and build up our economy.  These are the new homeowners we want to thrive so do not make it unnecessarily difficult for them in this mortgage lending process.

I tell my buyers who are self employed that the work you need to gather for your lender is like having another part-time job on the side.  Sorry! It is the reality.


  Whatever I can do to make the process easier, let me know but truthfully the burden is on you…what the underwriter wants, the underwriter gets.  I might say it is like a spoiled child we all must acquiesce to.  More grey hairs on my head…just what I need right now!


 Underwriters, Over Writers and the Buyer is Caught in the Middle.


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