North Kingstown Food Pantry Success Story

North Kingstown Food Pantry Success Story

On a cool Saturday day all the vim and vigor of my real estate team was present 

NK Food Pantry Yard Slae

at 6:30 a.m. the crew was hauling out the mountains of furniture, knick knacks, antiques, glassware, toys & even a sail boat (I’m not kidding!) for a good cause.  We had a whopping great fundraiser for the North Kingstown Food Pantry and I love it when I get my fellow Real Estate Agents to make a great charity event happen…and be successful.

Not only did we just surpass my goal of $1000 (checks still coming in!) but the warmth of the North Kingstown RI real estate community in their coming out to support this fundraiser gave a great ‘feel good’ feeling to our North Kingstown town.  When people give because they said to me ” no one should have to go bed hungry” it just raise my sense of hope in mankind.

Yes, a client donated a mini sailboat (our largest sale of the day) and that went quickly.  But our real estate team at Phillips Post Road Realty especially Janice, Chris, Pat, Fran and broker Dana helped make it a rousing success and charmed all who stopped by on Saturday.  I can not ask for much more….but I’m already planning our next North Kingstown Food Pantry fundraiser for the fall and we will do it better I am sure.  Whether we do another yard sale which seems to bring the bargain hunters out or something else…thoughtful discussion will begin on the new fundraiser this week.

Thank you all who supported us and helped us reach the goal…good causes are not hard to find today but this one is especially important to me.  Until the next one!  North Kingstown Food Pantry Success Story.


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