From my mouth to your ears

From my mouth to your ears


can be deemed a yesteryear way of doing business.  That a transaction or deal would then be sealed by a handshake

Mouth to Ears

Actions should = Words

is hardly the way of doing business anymore or even considered. The ‘good word’ use to be enough to make a deal happen but it does not work well in this day and age of real estate transactions with negotiators, lenders and lawyers.  Nothing would hold up in court if challenged and how would the attorneys make any money on the deal?  No, it is required if a real estate offer is made that it is put in a purchase and sales document accompanied with monetary consideration at hand… and a handshake can then occur.


It is more than the sign of the is about protection of the clients interests and ensuring Real Estate Agents do what they are suppose to do to make sure that a legal and binding agreement is at hand.     How often, if ever, do you do a deal on a piece of property on a handshake?  Just think about all the legal documents we have to sign as well as out clients to have a sale happen!  Necessary and needed to hold a problem item between parties to the fire and the other side to the consequences if they violate the terms of the contract so a client is not harmed.


Boy, I do long for those days of handshakes and trust don’t you…I have to say it was the way my grandfather did business and his father before him.  It must have been an incredible trusting way to do business.  I’m not naive by any means but this contract and mega document life has become far too complicated for doing business sometimes.  Yearning for the days from my mouth to your ears & that forceful contractual handshake.


From my mouth to your ears.


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