FAQ #7 ……… I Don’t Want To Pay Any Points?

In my seventh Frequently Asked Questions blog I will cover a Mortgage topic that I feel is very misunderstood.  When people hear this

Mortgage Points in real estate

Mortgage Points…what is that?

word, they automatically begin to have very negative thoughts about it.  While this blog will most likely not change those preceptions, it will hopefully provide some information that may soften some of the feelings surrounding this topic.


“FAQ #7 ……… I Don’t Want To Pay Any Points?”

I don’t blame Borrowers for having the negative feelings that they have about Points.  After all they have probably never heard that word use in any way but in a negative way.  In this blog I will not avoid the negative aspects of Points, but I will also show how Points can actually be a very positive thing.

First, I will not only address but also reinforce the negative aspects of Points, or as I call them Bad Points.  Bad Points are Points that a Borrower has to pay in the form of a penalty.  Bad Points are charged to a Borrower for various reasons like:

  • Low Credit Scores
  • High Loan To Value (small downpayment)
  • Type Of Property
  • Investment Loan

These are all, but the most common reasons why Points are charged, and they represent an additional one time charge that is added to the Borrowers Closing Costs.  Bad Points are common in Conventional Mortgages (Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac), but they can also be found on Government Loans like FHA, VA, & USDA. 


Borrowers are right for having the negative feelings that they have about these Bad Points.  They are not getting anything in return for this additional money that they have to pay.  Bad Points are a penalty that is imposed on the Borrower because they or the property that they are purchasing present a high risk.
But Points can also be Good Points.  For example:


  • A Borrower can pay Points to lower his/her Interest Rate.  These are Good Points, because they lower the Borrowers Interest Rate, and it is the Borrower that chooses to pay these Good Points.  They are being rewarded with a lower Interest Rate for the extra money that they are paying.

  • Good Points can also be received in the form of a credit.  A Borrower can choose to receive a higher Interest Rate, and in return for selecting a higher Interest Rate the Lender gives the Borrower a Credit that is used to reduce the Borrowers Closing Costs.  A Borrower would choose to do this because they do not have enough money for Closing Costs, and the Seller refuses to contribute towards the Borrowers Closing Costs.  Or the Borrower has enough money for Closing Costs, but it will leave them without any money for an emergency, so they would select this option, and get to keep a little bit of their money.

So as you can see Points are not all Bad, in fact they can be very Good if used in a positive way.

“FAQ #7 ……… I Don’t Want To Pay Any Points?”

This blog post is courtesy of my guest blogger, George Souto.  About the author and my Guest Mortgage blogger:

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