Buying Your Dream Home | Pet Reality!


Buying Your Dream Home | Pet Reality!


When buying your dream home there are all sorts of unexpected family and pet realities that surface during the 

dog's dream home in ri real estate

It’s not easy on me either!

process.  One thing about living the dream of a RI real estate agent are the unusual stories that surface around clients. Especially through the home bid and offer process.

Telling the story of experiences in RI real estate helps put things in perspective for future buyers and can relieve some of the stress one feels…and your animal feels.

Yup, believe it or not your trusty dog or cat is going through the emotional turmoil or stress that you are feeling during this home search and bid time period.  In fact, one of my clients could not understand why their dog was pacing constantly all around their home, looking at them and getting sick.  All things this pet does not do.

See these buyers were in a multi offer situation awaiting whether or not they had ‘won’ their new dream home.

These buyers took their time deciding on the house they wanted after 2 years of looking.  This dream home took both of them by storm emotionally.  Then a quick bid process on the dream home happened.  And it obviously overtook the dog too.

See poor Meeka, the family’s hound dog, as best as we can tell is feeling the low’s of the home bidding process.  So let’s change the pet reality here and see how Meeka does through this process.  We can all learn from it.
Today the buyers found out they got the winning bid for the home of their dreams.  Smiles and laughter abounded in the home of the buyers.  Guess what?  When I stopped over to see them Meeka was laying down chewing on a bone and I think he felt good today…yep, the vibes of calmness and peacefulness were all there.  Anticipate the disruption in your home when the home buying process is going on with both kids and pets.  Remember all this will pass too but you can prevent some of the stress by taking kickboxing, doing yoga or just exercising it out of you!
Remember to let me feel the stress for you so your lives can stay as normal as possible.  My job as your agent is to make your transition and home buying process the best experience.  Throw it all on me…I have big shoulders!    It should be fun to buy your dream home with a happy pup by your side. I would love the opportunity to help you in real estate so call me at 401.529.7849Buying Your Dream Home | Pet Reality!
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