Boomerang Kids- Rhode Island Real Estate Homes for Sale- Nuclear Family Options

Boomerang Kids- Rhode Island Real Estate Homes for Sale- Nuclear Family Options


Now I am neither good at throwing a boomerang although I love it when it works right or a supporter of nuclear events on this earth

Boomerang Kids- Rhode Island Real Estate - Nuclear Family Options

Kids or Parents – they are all moving back!

(but all for the nuclear family).  Yet, both play a part in the living styles of the next generation here.

Rhode Island real estate has much to offer buyers in the South County RI market:  smaller town atmosphere, lack of car congestion, great schools, pristine ocean and beach fronts for water activities, marinas, good eats, etc.  As a promoter of a coastal living style I am all here for that as well as the local real estate.  

In fact, the boomerang kids who go out to college seem to boomerang right back into mom & dad’s house in many cases here after graduation.

At least for a few years of this cohabitation arrangement, so converting a garage or finishing off the basement is important and needed to increase the home living options.


There was a time especially in the larger Rhode Island real estate areas that multi generations of a family would live on the same block or tenement (3 family home parents, kids and grandparents).


 According to the census figures in RI, there is an increase in the number of families becoming more ‘nuclear‘…i.e. multi- generations of the same family cohabiting in the same real estate.   Almost to the core, perhaps it’s the grandparents, parents and one or two older children or  a combination thereof living under one roof like it use to be.


The preferences I am noting in real estate are for one level living arrangements with a downstairs for the older boomerang kids.  Yet, garages are becoming the place to convert for the grandparent(s) so they can avoid the stairs as they age gracefully or full one level walk outs.  Different alternatives but the needs for nuclear family options in housing will grow.

The potential in the explosion of both boomerang kids and multi generational merging of families needs to be addressed in housing better.


I hope it does.  I am curious in how this housing need is being addressed in your area?  Boomerang Kids- Rhode Island Real Estate Homes for Sale- Nuclear Family Options.


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