3 Things a Buyer’s Agent in Real Estate Must Do For You

3 Things a Buyer’s Agent in Real Estate Must Do For You


In the world of RI real estate there are listing agents and buyer’s  agents and each have different responsibilities to their clients.  Now 3 Things a Buyer's Agent in Real Estate Must Do For Youthat is the key…different responsibilities.  A buyer’s agent for you as a home buyer is expected to do their due diligence, when looking for a home for you, in your best interest (not theirs).  They are not to push their listings as one you ‘should’ be buying so they can have both sides of the sale.   They should respect what you say you want to look at in a home and guide you along that house purchase path.

A buyer’s agent owes confidentiality to you during and after a home purchase.  Your financial, personal and  home situation,  is zipped up inside their minds and not to be discussed with other agents.  That is the drill called for with a responsible buyer’s agent.   Loose lips sink ships and some lips are very loose in this business unfortunately.  Ensure the reputation and testimonials by past clients acknowledge the reputation of your buyer’s agent.  You want to ensure you will be represented well by an agent and validation from past house buyers can establish that trust.

Additionally your buyer’s representative should know the specific real estate market that they are guiding you through.  Not be a ‘go to agent’ halfway across the state from another town where they haven’t a clue of a town’s market.  You do not want ‘Uncle Rob’s sister’s niece’ who just got into the real estate business- please put your foot down.  You are making the largest purchase probably of your life and want the trusted experience and know how in your agent.

If your potential RI property to purchase has coastal or waterfront requirements,  septic issues, setbacks and/or property boundary concerns, structural issues or flood plain challenges, etc.  You need a buyer’s agent who can put that package together to represent you well.  The real estate agent representing you must have the smarts, knowledge, experience and vendor partners to guide you well.  Whatever that decision is in that evaluation process on a home purchase, you want the right people in their fields of expertise to guide you along.

To recap the 3 things a buyer’s agent in real estate must do for you:

1) Due diligence and care to represent in the most ethical manner

2) Confidentiality to you and your home purchase or sale

3) Local Knowledge in the area of your home needs.

Start with these 3 criteria a buyer’s agent  must satisfy and you have the building blocks you need to progress in the home purchase world.  It will not be all and may just be some of the needs that must be met.  But they are critical needs in buying a home and being represented properly and with care.

3 Things a Buyer’s Agent in Real Estate Must Do For You.


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