Polar Plunge in North Kingstown RI-Narragansett RI-South Kingstown RI- Jamestown RI-New Year’s Day

The first day of the New Year brings out the Bear in all of us as the Polar Plunge in North Kingstown RI-Narragansett RI-South Kingstown RI -Jamestown RI will all be underway.  Not only is the ocean and Narragansett Bay a tepid 36 degrees but all manner of attire makes the polar plunge viewing (now I never said I would take this leap!) into the icy waters worth a Kodak moment!  Most events start at noon but check the local events calendar for exact times.

All the Polar plunges from North Kingstown, South Kingstown, Jamestown and Narragansett are all to raise money for great charitable causes from supporting the Food Pantry, multiple sclerosis, special olympics and more.

Jamestown RI– Mackerel Cove is the location for the Polar Plunge on the island.  This is the 35th year that Special Olympics is the recipient for all the fully clad and unclad water goers take their freezing dip for charity!

North Kingstown RI-at the North Kingstown Town Beach on Beach Street at 1:30 pm.
Come support the local plungers, and be a helpful hannah & bring an extra
blanket or towel, as they show their shiver and roll for a good cause- for the
Food Pantry.

South Kingstown RI– The ninth annual “Dip for Multiple Sclerosis” will be hosted by  the Joyce Family Pub, off Matunuck Beach Road off of Rte.1.  You can warm your heart after the ocean plunge with a hot toddy or coffee in the pub.

Narragansett RI– The Pier Plunge is at Narragansett Town Beach. The ever icy  plunge event is a fundraiser for the Narragansett  Lions Club that supports numerous  local charity giving.  Registration is at 10 a.m.  Have to share last year’s video in 16 degree weather to get a real feel of the Plunge:

Come out and do the Polar Plunge yourself with a small donation to the charity but definitely come out to one of them in North Kingstown, Narragansett, South Kingstown or Jamestown RI. You’ll be amazed at the dress codes…one year I saw a couple who had just gotten married go in and take the plunge with wedding dress and tuxedo and top hat on!

Polar Plunge in North Kingstown RI-Narragansett RI-South Kingstown RI- Jamestown RI-New Year’s Day

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