What do Sellers Share with an Agent to Sell Rhode Island Real Estate?

What do Sellers Share with an Agent to Sell Rhode Island Real Estate?

More often than not I find that sellers in real estate will withhold information

What do Sellers Share with an Agent to Sell Rhode Island Real Estate?

Sellers List to Answer

that is important for a good Rhode Island real estate agent to have to market a home.


Not all that bad persay but it is again not divulging necessary real estate information and having to ‘tooth extract’ the information from the sellers by leading questions.

Happening something like this…
 Water in the basement at all? says the Agent after noticing water staining on the oil burner.
     Sellers:  I can not remember any.
      Agent:  So during the RI Flood of 2010 you had no water, for instance?
     Sellers:  Well that doesn’t count because that was a once in 100 year occurrence.
      Agent:  It does matter to buyers…amend the disclosures, please.
 Are you conveying a Warranty deed on the real estate?  says the Agent
     Seller:  Well it is…but I have a quit claim from my ex-wife for the property now…slightly different.
     Agent: Well then you need to put down ‘Quit Claim’ deed not warranty.  Let the real estate attorney’s sort it out.
 Title to the deed is just you, correct? says the Agent
     Seller: Well actually my brother is on it but he is slightly incapacitated but I need to get him to sign the purchase & sales agreement   anyway…I hope he does since I haven’t talked to him in several months.  HUH?!
     Agent:  Can you give me your real estate attorney’s number so I can check on this before this becomes a problem with the buyers.
–  So you have a sump pump in that back closet?  says the finally frustrated real estate agent
     Seller:  Oh yeah…well it runs, never had to replace it, have a secondary back up..why would you need to know?
     Agent:  Well when a buyer just found it and I had a blank look on my face it didn’t give the buyers a good feeling that I knew everything about the house.  That works against me selling it for you.

As a Real Estate Agent this happens time and time again with clients and it is not meant to throw anyone under the bus.


 What I hope it does is AWAKEN all who may be buying or selling a home that due diligence, sleuthing, taking nothing for granted and sharing information is an absolute necessity to give your real estate agent.

Whether a buyer or seller be!  Your real estate agent needs your information.


 What do Sellers Share with an Agent to Sell Rhode Island Real Estate?


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