Ginny Gorman, Waterfront RI Real Estate Agent


Ginny Gorman, Waterfront RI Real Estate Agent


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Thank you for finding me. If you are looking to write a review for Ginny Lacey Gorman‘s client testimonial page, you have the right location.  If you want to see what clients have written about this waterfront RI real estate agent you can do that also.

What my clients are saying about my real estate service, delivery and closing the house deal for them – well I am all ears.  Delivering the highest level of customer service is a must and concierge property service at its best is my ongoing goal.

I want to know the bad (if there is any) as well as the good (which should be many) in every RI real estate transaction no matter how difficult it was to complete.  Selling homes the right way, and there is a right way, helps me love my job.   It is an honor and pleasure to work for and with my clients on their home buying or selling needs.

My work ethic, per my clients, amazes them all the time.  I do work 24/7 and probably enjoy workwaterfront RI Real Estate Agent  more than vacation time!  But that is me.  My care and handling of every unique client must be exceptional.  I want to thank every client who has taken the time to write a review for me.  My past clients are my best source for future clients.   Learning  is earning in this business and I want satisfied and repeat customers.


Coastal Rhode Island real estate is my specialty.  Being on top of regulatory CRMC, FEMA flood zones and DEM waste water changes, for example, are all part of my job so I can deliver better customer service to my clients.  Understanding and learning the differences in the RI waterfront landscape enables me to do my job well for clients…always learning how to do it better for them is my responsibility.


So please take a moment to hear what people are saying about Ginny Gorman, waterfront RI real estate agent, from her client testimonials.  I would love the opportunity to help you in your real estate needs so call me today at 401.529.7849 or email me at today to set up an appointment.


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Why Hire Ginny Gorman as Your Realtor?

I live in California and needed to find a realtor to sell my mother’s home in North Kingstown, RI. I found Ginny Gorman on line and gave her a call because she was so highly rated by sellers, and even by an out-of-state Realtor who had worked with her. From my first phone call with Ginny, I was very impressed with her knowledge of the coastal RI area and her professionalism. She immediately got to work for us selling the home and continued to work hard throughout the entire process from getting my mother’s home ready to show to the closing. Ginny was extremely organized, detail-oriented, and a pleasure to work with. She met the unique challenge of dealing with sellers who were out-of-state beautifully, and we always felt she had our best interests in mind. Ginny is a top-notch North Kingstown Realtor who I unreservedly and highly recommend for your real estate needs in RI.Becky

1031 Exchange Success with Ginny Gorman

Ginny was very professional and helped me through a 1031 property transfer which proved much more difficult than I first thought. She reminded me of every little detail which made the transfer much less stressful than it could have been. She was very cordial, prompt and always concerned on my behalf. I highly recommend her as a RI Real Estate Agent. Max Balmforth

I wanted to thank you again for using me on another property transaction & 1031 exchanges can be tricky but we got it done! So appreciate the sweet words and taking care of all your family with home buys and sales has been my pleasure through the years!

Outstanding first time home buying experience

It is with great pleasure that my wife and I offer our recommendation for Ginny. We feel extremely lucky to have had her by our side during our recent home purchase here in South Kingstown. As first time buyers we had a steep learning curve, but Ginny led us through the process with patience and finesse. We were very impressed with her depth of knowledge and level of experience - it’s very clear she’s an expert at what she does. Ginny was flexible with her schedule as we juggled new jobs, a temporary living situation, and two very young children, and she worked tirelessly on our behalf from the initial house-hunting phase all the way through closing. She was always available but never overbearing and helped us stay on top of our many deadlines. Most importantly, we trusted Ginny 100% and felt she was working towards our needs and goals above all else.

Ginny is both an absolute professional and a warm, caring confidant at the same time. She is a pleasure to work with and we will certainly enlist her aid next time we buy or sell a house. BTW, part of what drew us to Ginny in the first place was her outstanding online reviews – we are happy to add ours to the list!

Joe & Lena, I was proud to represent you and so appreciate your compliments. That you found me online and knew I was the one for your house buying venture says a lot. Wishing you many happy years in your new home!

Highest Price in 48 Hours

My wife and I worked closely with Ginny in selling our North KIngstown home. We interviewed at least 5 other agents before choosing Ginny. Her advice was key in helping us be prepared for selling our home of 15 years. Ginny's knowledge of the local area helped us to determine a very appropriate selling price. She gave us very wise suggestions as we worked with the offers and counter offers. Within one hour of the house going on Ginny's website,, she had appointments to see the house and within 48 hours we had a fantastic offer with a signed purchase and sales agreement shortly thereafter. We both were very, very pleased with Ginny who is very professional, personal and someone we would highly recommend to get your home sold!

by Deborah Ricciarelli on North Kingstown RI Homes for Sale
Top Price for My Exeter Home for Sale

My sale happened quickly and I received 99.9% of my asking price of $400,000 because Ginny is a tough negotiator! I was thrilled with her take control of getting my home to closing. She was ALWAYS there for me and made sure I found a place to live well. This is my second house Ginny has sold for me and she is who you want to work with to sell your home for the highest price. I got the highest sale price in my neighborhood by more than $20,000 cause she knows her real estate business. Such a good person to work with! deb

My pleasure again to work diligently to market & sell your pleased for you. Thank you for the sweet words.

North Kingstown Listing Agent to Know

Ginny was an absolute peach and a true professional to work with she did her research and listened to all of our concerns and recommendations on selling our house. She launched her attack and sold our North Kingstown property in record time in the off season and marketed it to get multiple bids! 100% attention was given to our sale and we are so pleased.

It works both ways Diane and you were great clients for me to have! thank you

by Bill & Diane Alexander on North Kingstown RI Homes for Sale
The Very Best Realtor!!!

We chose Ginny because we knew she had sold a few houses in our area rather quickly. We listed the house with her in October and she found us a buyer in November. Ginny worked very hard to market our home and obviously it paid off. She's been so helpful every step of the way. Highly recommend Ginny to anyone wanting to sell their home! the Alexanders

Glad you could move to Jamestown into your new home. You two were the best and thanks for the nice comments.

Ruby Shoe RI real estate salesperson

My husband and I feel fortunate to have Ginny represent us in our home sale. She knows her business well, negotiated a good sales price for us and got it done quickly so we could start construction of our house. The littlest details were taken care of and all we had to do was pack and move! We chuckle about her ruby red shoes because she does make everything so easy for a seller! Will recommend her to anyone selling their North Kingstown home! Rene

Rene, it was a pleasure to sell your home...the care, updating and all made it a most wanted home...thank you for your kindness here. ginny

Realtor with Know How in Coastal RI

Having worked with Ginny Gorman for years on properties, buying and selling, has been my utmost pleasure. She has the drill down and covers all the steps that need to be followed well to buy and/or sell at the right price. My family have all used her (5 of us so far) and we would not use anyone else. Top notch in knowing RI coastal real estate and how to get a deal done. Call her and let her know Patty thinks she is the best!

Thank you so much Patty for the support and kind words for my business. It has been a great working relationship with your family over the years and I appreciate their sticking with me. I guess I must be doing a good job!

Top RI Waterfront Real Estate Agent

After 4 years I know Ginny thought I would never decide on a house...but I did. She vetted homes for me, in the RI neighborhood I wanted, walk to water home and when the right one came up she told me it was! She was so right! Her strong and tough negotiations got me the new septic at a fantastic home price. All my family was impressed too. Thank you for sticking with me Ginny. Will always refer you on to others..your red shoes do you justice! thanks so much, K.Kavanagh

Thank you Kathy for taking the time to let future clients know your home shopping experience with me. There is nothing like your own home and I'm glad I was there to support your journey!

Knows her Waterfront Real Estate

It is a pleasure Ginny giving you this well earned review after you worked so hard and with such commitment to Drew and me on the house. Who would have thought that little waterfront Narragansett property would have sold for so much! Not us, we were just not informed until we met with you. We knew just from your presentation and one of your past clients who referred you to us that you would do right by us. Your strength in keeping a level head with difficult buyers helped us through the sale process. And the waterfront dock issue! Boy you solved that. Wherever we buy our second home, you will be with us! thanks, mary & drew

You are as always very kind. Thank goodness the two of you kept me laughing with great jokes through this sale process. Much success in the future and call me when you get back from your extended vacation please!

Realtor in Rhode Island to Have

Ginny Gorman didn't have to ask me to give her a client testimonial. No, I asked her how can I help her since she helped me so much in my short sale.
I almost lost my home when I called her way too late in my process. She and her team worked so hard and I know she can't sleep much to juggle the home sales she does! But she saved me...yes, I cried like a baby at the closing table and upset all but I was so relieved. I just can not say enough about the good she does. She is a RI Real Estate Agent you want without question.

I am very appreciative of your testimonial, Jane. Best of luck to you in the deserve it!

Don't Know How You Do this Job!

Ginny was referred to me from a friend and I could not believe how she managed my house sale so well with the problems we had with the buyers! Issue with credit that popped up before closing, having to delay closing & then finding me another place to live.

Well she always told me to trust in her and she would get it done for me. And she did it well and with calmness when I was freaking out. She kept me calm and continued to check in on me after the closing to make sure I was fine and happy with my new place.
Heartily recommend her to anyone wanting a get it done Real Estate Agent in RI! thank you again.

Difficult as real estate can be sometimes I appreciate your believing in me in doing the best for you I can. Glad you were satisfied with my abilities and will continue to check on you too!! thanks again

Great Waterfront House Buy

Hi Ginny, Chuck & I can't thank you enough for going through this home selling and buying process of 2 homes at once. Don't know how we all all held up and kept it together! But you were persistent to cross the 't's and made it happen for us. We are so glad it happened. We will recommend you to anyone and everyone.

It was hard work to get both done with the other side but you two worked so well with me I can only say thanks for being skilled dancers through this transaction. Waterfront RI real estate has so many steps to clear for a successful sale and you worked hand & hand with me!

Should be Recruited- Job Well Done

It took me awhile to get things organized but Ginny kept me on track to get my home sold as a short sale after relocating. She pushed and held onto the buyer,marketed the house amazingly well online and got the price the bank wanted.
If anyone is looking for a RI real estate agent that does the job right,on the money & gets it done call her! If I come back to RI, she's my Real Estate Agent.

It was a pleasure working with you Pam and I know that you can move on with your life in Florida. Thanks again for the recommendation.

Super North Kingstown Realtor

I am very pleased to offer this letter of recommendation for Ginny Gorman as a talented and extremely effective Real Estate agent.

My mom and I recently listed a home with Ginny and were very please with the results obtained in great part through Ginny’s hard work and marketing skills. In a down market, we were able to sell and close on our house in just over three months! This event included the replacement of a septic system, heating and electrical system.

Ginny guided us every step of the way providing valuable tips and recommendations for making the house easier to sell.

Ginny is extremely organized and very aggressive but not pushy, very good traits for a real estate agent! She was able to get many people in to see the house which is a tribute to her talents for marketing.

Ginny was thorough and acted as a trusted counselor as we walked through the very involved process of selling a home.

It gives me great pleasure to recommend her to any prospective clients in search of a top notch real estate agent.

Your mom is one of my favorite people and so genuine. It was a great relationship to have to sell a walk to water North Kingstown home for others to enjoy. I am glad the family is happy with my service.