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ginny-gormanThere is No Place Like Home, I believe!

Like Dorothy of Oz fame who found her sparkly red shoes worked for her, this Rhode Island waterfront real estate agent can work for you in coastal RI real estate and beyond. Whether you are searching for waterfront, ocean front or luxury RI homes or rural living, I am here for my clients.

Considering selling your home? Call me for a Home Market Analysis. My strong online marketing exposure program SELLS homes!

I specialize in the following waterfront areas: North Kingstown, South Kingstown, Narragansett, Jamestown, Charlestown, East Greenwich RI and Washington and Kent county areas. Call me Today at 401.529.7849.

Coastal Rhode Island is an amazing 400 miles of surf and sand with breathtaking water views to experience. The 'littlest' state in the U.S., as it is known, and yes Rhode Island is a state between Massachusetts and Connecticut, has the waterfront that attracts real estate buyers from all over to buy. How can you resist when you step out onto the coastal beaches or decks of waterfront homes?! rhode-island-coast

Knowing the RI communities, their long history and noted place in the American Revolution (you know it all began here with the sinking of the English ship, the Gaspee in 1772!), amazing faberge colored historic homes in Providence, Newport, Wickford and Bristol as well as the revitalization of our capital city with its noted WaterFires and fabulous eateries (from vegan to Italian). You can be from one end of the state to other end in an hour by car. We have a magnificent history in RI and we keep making it everyday so come be a part of this landscape.

It is the ocean beaches especially in the southern RI towns that everyone loves along with its magical blue surf. One can not forget about our noted Block Island (just 45 minutes by ferry from our mainland) for true island enjoyment. You will find all kinds of simple country to oceanfront luxury real estate here. The pride in land ownership is always evident as a home buyer tours the coastal nooks and crannies searching for that home seller who has just the right real estate to offer up. If you are a home seller find out why your online exposure I generate for your home matters.

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Homes for Sale Wickford Village in North Kingstown RI 02852

Wickford Village Homes for Sale   Wickford Village Community North Kingstown Information   Wickford Village North Kingstown RI 02852 is just a minute from Route 1A that follows a coastal RI real estate home route.  Adjacent to Narragansett, South Kingstown and East Greenwich, Wickford’s proximity to the water and Narragansett Bay is close at hand.   Finding […]

Charlestown RI Homes for Sale March 2017 Update

Charlestown RI Real Estate Market Report March 2017

Charlestown RI Homes for Sale March 2017   The Charlestown RI home sale market in March 2017 is feeling the uplifting spring upbeat in real estate sales over the prior month.   As you look back at the home sales in Charlestown for the first three months of 2017 as compared to the same time period in 2016, it shows no increase in home […]

East Greenwich RI Home Sale Market January 2017

East Greenwich RI Real Estate Market March 2017 Update

East Greenwich Housing Market March 2017   Recap of East Greenwich Home Sales for Sale   The East Greenwich RI housing market March 2017 has jumped up in home sales as the weather  is uplifting home market activity.  East Greenwich real estate sales are up by 240% and pending home sales have increased by 64% over the prior […]

Narragansett Real Estate Market March 2017 Update

Narragansett Real Estate Market March 2017 Update

Narragansett RI Home Sale March 2017 Recap   The Narragansett Rhode Island home sale market in March 2017 is feeling the winds of spring with home sales increasing 36% this month over the prior month.   Comparing past year 2016 over 2015, a 7% increase in home sold values and a 1% increase in the number of home sales took […]

South Kingstown RI Real Estate Market March 2017 Update

South Kingstown RI Real Estate Market March 2017 Update

What is the Housing Update in South Kingstown RI  in March?   The South Kingstown real estate market March 2017 home sales for single family homes increased this month over last month by 140%.   There is no doubt that the spring home buying market is in full swing here now.   This is a stable RI home sale market […]